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  1. This is some more hackle given to me by bid bad D. Nelson......but the iwngs are mine!! LOL A little teamwork always helps. The wings didn't set how I intially intended and went with the flow so they sit sort of Dee ish. More to come!!
  2. I am not very active in the warmwater forum and did not know Mark personally. He was always around here when I first joined this site and through the past few years as well. I will miss his presence here along with his wonderful flies. Rest in peace my friend......tightlines.
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Frank G. Swarner III: Slate Colored Feather Wing Spey
  4. I'll be up on Wednesday June 4th....heading out on Sunday. I was hoping to get together with you Wed and Thurs. if possible Mark.....get a little fishing and tying in before the show.
  5. Awesome work on the floss body!! Everything looks great to me....sweet conversion. Hey Ray!!!!!! shoot me pm with your address.....I'll send you some blue ear feathers. Coot skin can provide some nice spey hackles too....and they are cheaper, but a little tough to find.
  6. Nice nymph Justin.....I know for sure that it will work for steel on the rivers I fish.......getting ready for next season already?
  7. The DN stands for Dave Nelson for starters.....I missed you at the symposium (my fault) but it was nice to meet you at the Fly Fishing Show!!! Thank you for the pre-peeled materials from your stock along with your so called "practice fly". When I got home and scrutinized it some more, the juxtapositoning of some of the materials really bring the fly to life, like where you positioned the amherst tail fibers :headbang: The hackles are very interesting to work with and open up some new doors in our realm. I got a little bulky with 2 of them, but it was a good learning experience, plus it gave me some ideas for other spey/dee type flies. Thanks Buddy The Squiddidle has Temmincks tragopan feathers for the sides. I tried using two different colored feathers for the wings and kept one set long and one short.... Mr. Bombastic was a lot of fun to tie......don't know if it will fish well, but what the heck. Sly Shrimp......well I tried to think a little different with this one since the first two will make a good sound footprint in the water. Some of the ostrich feathers you gave me had the tips bare of fibers, but maybe an inch or two at the base looked like regular ostrich. I stripped off a few and tied the longer ones in by the butt for the longer legs and tied the shorted legs in by the tip to give them the fuzzy motion look. The neat thing about the shorter ones is when they are peeled one at a time it gives them a natural curled look like a little claw......would probably look good on crayfish too. Hope you enjoy and thanks again Dave for being so kind and generous. I hope everything is going well with your restaraunt!! Frank
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Frank G. Swarner III: DN Sly Shrimp
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Frank G. Swarner III: DN Squididdle
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Frank G. Swarner III: DN Mr. Bombastic
  11. missed this one...DOH. Awesome tie with the reward we all stride for....a take that says.....HELL YEAH!! I think that will be a winner in the fall too. 51 days to SPEYNATION!!
  12. Awesome!! Never tied any, but like the style and it came from the mind of Ed Ward......nuff said.
  13. hey speyman!! Sweet tie......we all know you tip it with a grub or two...maybe a little power bait....just joking.....I prefer a garden worm or two..LOL back to your fly....love the wings and the hackle has great flow...what is it by the way? Keep'em coming when your not fishing. Frank
  14. I like the A.J. hooks the most, but I use traditional up eye hooks for speys and dees. Kind of depends on my mood, what style/pattern I am tying, and the target species. Tiemco 200r or curved shank nymph hooks are great for small speys for trout and even steelhead if the wire is 2x strong. Gamakatsu's colored hooks are pretty neat for a change as well. haven't had any experience with the new spey hook from partridge. 37 days until CJ 08' !!!!
  15. Hey Glen!! There are many different styles of flies for Steelhead and Salmon as well as different species of salmon. Are you fishing one of the Great lakes for chinooks/kings or are you going after Atlantic Salmon? What method of fly fishing will you be using....nymphing? swinging streamers? eggs patterns? skating bombers? etc.. A little more info from you and I can get you going. feel free to pm me if you want. talk to you soon, Frank
  16. Nice little dee you go there...I like the colors too!! Have you tried using the plastic that is put in the collar of a dress shirt to protect the finish? You might be able to use the plastic from a water bottle too.....haven't tried that..just thought of it.
  17. Great fly....it would be hot for hickory shad right now!!
  18. Here is the material list for the "September Night Fly" straight from the book "Striper Moon," by Ken Abrames. Tail: Silver Mylar alongside two white saddles tied in flat over gray bucktail Body: Silver Mylar tubing ( I choose to use a flashy dubbing) Throat: Long white bucktail tied as a 3/4 collar, both sides and bottom one hair thick Collar: White marabou, folded or doubled three turns. Wing: One natural black saddle hackle over two strands of blue mylar ove fifteen strands of purple bucktail over long white bucktail. Quote from the book pertaining to this pattern: These flies imitate finger mullet. they must be tied in full silhouette, about as thick as a man's index finger. The mullet move through Rhode Island in September. There is no finer striper fishing in the surf when the mullet are moving along the shoreline. Enough said. I am tying these for steelhead so some are a tad slimmer and I like playing around with different color combinations to keep it interesting. The short shank of the hook doesn't apply as much leverage as a long streamer hook does. The hook also acts like a keel to keep the fly swimming correctly. The book calls for an Eagle Claw 254NA 1x short - 1/0 to 3/0. That is a bit too big in gape for the look I want so I use something similar but smaller. I'll do a step by step at some point.....fishing is getting good
  19. Welcome aboard Marty!! We are pretty open minded over here...things can get a little stuffy on the classic fly tying site. I really like what I see from you and am looking forward to seeing more. Where do you fish these beautiful flies of yours? Frank
  20. Than you Ray!! Glad you like and fish them yourself......you know first hand how seductive they are in the water......nothing moves like them, every touch of current makes them come alive. I love watching them swim!!
  21. Hoping to get up to Pulaski at the end of April and lay some line out with the two hander. Never tried for dropbacks.....I've been dead set against it, but after talking to a few reputable fisherman, I want to see what shape the fish are in with my own eyes. These are all variations of Ken Abrame's September Night fly. They are 3" - 4" long and are tied on a Daichii 2451 size 6. I used calf tail or kip tail for the platform and the first collar rather than bucktail.
  22. Great work Bob......lookin' good and ready to fish.
  23. Awesome Joe!! Everything looks excellent in my eyes....
  24. Very nicely tied flies....I'd say he's well on his way to being a great fly tyer......fisherman too!! I think he is going to get a couple of more steelhead under his belt in the near future. Way to go guys!! Frank
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