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  1. Having a little fin at the vice for a friend out west.
  2. Interesting but a bit biased in my opinion.
  3. Having a little fun at the vice, getting ready for my trip to the SR in a few days.
  4. Beadalon beading wire from the craft store is also a good choice. 7 strand .015 diameter is what I use for steelhead in ny.
  5. Good luck with the q-tips.....be ready for them to break at any time, especially in the cold. Went that route when I first started with tube flies and learned my lesson the hard way. Quality materials are worth the extra few bucks.
  6. Thank you!! Maybe I'll luck into a NY atlantic salmon although they are very tough to come by.
  7. Nice!! Looks like your set to swing some up!!
  8. The top one has been fished succesfully the past few years and the bottom one is a slight variation of the one above. Tied on a size 2 Blue Heron Hook.
  9. Here are a trio of Twilights. The originator of this pattern is Mark Waslick. I went by the picture in Bob Veverka's book, so the pattern is not exactly accurate. There is a recipe in "steelhead flies" by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen.
  10. Do a search for slotted brass beads on google. Found a bunch but not sure if they are what you had in mind.
  11. It rode true in the swim tank but that is not a real world test with current pushing on the side. These are for a friend who will be casting and stripping them in pike. I'm sure a little added wouldn't hurt when fishing in current. Frank
  12. I didn't have what the pattern recipe calls for so I used Bucktail for the base then angel hair flash in between the layers of feathers.
  13. 58412 is what I used but the original pattern calls for a DOA hook that has a little longer shank at the nose. http://www.bayflyfishing.com/snag_free_delight.htm
  14. I fish the Salmon River in NY and a 10ft 7 or 8 wt will be perfect!! Many people stick with a 7wt all fall, even for for kings.
  15. Amazing work Bud!! Hope you and your family are doing well!!
  16. Playing around with this pattern for a friend who will be using them for pike. Tied on a 2/0 Gamakatsu worm hook
  17. Working on some flies for a friend of mine who is enjoying his new paddle board. Once these are done it's time to start working the spey nation box!! Sex Dungeon Heffer Groomer Meal Ticket Jawbreaker - not articulated
  18. They are more like zonkers than buggers, but a friend of mine jokingly gave them the name. Tied for a buddy who likes to hunt big trout.
  19. They look awesome eide!! One of these days I'll do more mixed wings. Need to practice that style!!
  20. Tommy Lynch's Mini Drunk and Disorderly pattern tied up for some steelhead. Hopefully my buddy will get some nice hard takes with these!!
  21. Those hooks are fine and you will have no problem with them in the sizes you are tying. Not too big or too small......just right!!
  22. what is the brand and style of hook such as the hook # Good to compare things apples to apples so we know what type of 6,8,10 or 14,16 hook it actually is.
  23. Getting a bunch of various flies tied for trout season. The zebra midges are 20,22,24 and the nymphs are size 18.
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