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  1. 4x long streamer hook in 8, 10, 12. Tail is barred chickabou Ribbing is 2lb monofilament abdomen and thorax are aunt lydias sparkle yarn shellback is mottled nymph skin
  2. Thank you guys!! No pink hue in the dubbing. Must be the photo. I do use light Hares ear dubbing for the abdomen and dark hares ear dubbing for the thorax. I spin the dark hares ear dubbing in a turbo dubbing block to save a little time. Frank
  3. Some very simple caddis larvae tied with gliss n glint for the body and coated with Deer Creek Diamond Fine uv Resin.
  4. A standard pt nymph. Always good to have in the box
  5. I like to nymph with these flies as cranefly larvae, then let them swing into shore where it can double as a micro minnow.
  6. Cranking out quite a few flies for orders and myself right now. Having some fun at the vice!!
  7. Had a fun weekend tying flies at the Lancaster fly fishing show this weekend. Stuck with dees the entire time. Had a friend give me some hooks and told me he wanted two flies tied on them and the hooks were mine. I tied two mini dee flies on them that are about an 1 1/4" long. They were a challenge!! One of the vendors nearby my table was a painter and he asked if he could paint a two of my flies, so of course i said yes. He painted two of each fly and gave me one for each fly...very cool!! Also scored some free green wing teal feathers that were harvested in mexico!!
  8. What rivers do you plan to fish and what type(s) of salmon do intend on targeting? Plenty of flies out there for you tie, just need a little more info from you. Frank
  9. One option is to take a hackle stem and tie it in by the butt right at the return wire from the eye, then wrap back over the stem to get the taper you are after. Try to match the diameter of the butt end of the hackle stem to the diameter of the return wire. Hen hackle stems are pretty good for this technique. Frank
  10. I like it and enjoy tying with it. It is it's own material and not a substitute for other spey hackles. Think of it as a different type of paint brush to paint with.
  11. Definitely not a "true" intruder by any means, but tied in the spirit of one. Tied on a 40mm senyo shank and thought a fish mask might look pretty good up front. Can't wait to swing this one through some nice runs.
  12. Looking forward to another fun steelhead season!! Can't wait to swing this one. 40 mm senyo shank .018 beadalon wire with daiichi stinger hook Rear - pearl krystal flash, coyote or arctic fox, pearl ice wing, amherst fibers body - flat braid pearl or silver collar - pink schlappen front - coyote or arctic fox, amherst fibers eyes - barbell type with chartreuse ice dubbing figure 8 around eyes Wing top and bottom - chartreuse ice wing
  13. Very cool!! I don't think they are too small but I don't know your fishery. What material did you use for the red one.....specifically the red winging material?
  14. Awesome flies and love the teal used for the spey wings!!
  15. Tied this up for a buddy out west. He tied me one in seahawk colors and tied his in broncos colors.
  16. Give this site a try: "Feathers, Flies, and Phantoms" Lots of great history on Atlantic Salmon patterns from across the pond.
  17. Absolutely gorgeous flies!! I like them all but the Jam's prism spey #1 takes the cake. I think I might tie one of those for myself and see how mr and mrs steelhead respond!!
  18. Well...steelhead season is right around the corner and I had some time to play around at the vice a little. These are tied on 25mm senyo shanks with beadalon .018 wire used to attach the hook. A body of polar chenille, wing of artic fox with some flash, more arctic fox and some minnow fringe or angel hair flash in the very top. Bead chain eyes and synthetic JC by pro tube.
  19. Another nice batch of fish catchers!!
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