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  1. Wow, that is a cool little fly!! Plain and simple, and looks to be very effective.
  2. Thank you for the kind words everybody. This is a great site/forum!! BryanFly15 - I'm in Southeast PA, about 45 minutes west of Philly. Do you do any steelhead fishing? If so, how did you do this season? Do you ever get over to Pine Creek or Kettle Creek? I'll be heading up that way in May. What's wrong with Michigan? Catchandrelease - Have you been over to The Evening Rise lately? I don't get up that way to often since the shop was moved to Fruitville Pike. Jigmaker - I have some crappie flies for you to try if your interested!! Thanks again, Fish-N-Chip
  3. Hello Fellow Fly Tyers and Fly Fisherman, Just wanted to say hello to all and introduce myself. My name is Frank and my nickname is Chip, hence the title Fish-N-Chip. I'm 27 and started fly fishing and tying flies before the age of ten. I have been instructing Fly Fishing & Fly Tying for the past two years @ an Orvis company store and at TCO Flyshop (both located in PA). Currently I am working on a web page www.fishnchip.net, its still under construction but it is online. There is a lot of great info on this site and I hope to add to it, and become involved w/ the fly swaps and other interesting topics. Have a nice tie! Fish-N-Chip
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