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  1. These are awesome Dai!! I love every one of them!!
  2. Thank you btrout. They hold up just fine and catch fish just fine as well. The wing doesn't stay completely married but that is the nature of the beast. Some strips stay together and others don't, but they look so good when they are in the water. Check out spey pages, my friend Adrian (fishnazn) just put up a post with some of his classics and underwater pics and after fishing pics.
  3. I've never done it from the start before but the skins I buy to cut into strips (zonker or crosscut)are tanned. You should be able to make your own zonker strip cutter. Plenty of step by steps on the web.
  4. Here is mine http://www.glspeydee.blogspot.com/
  5. Nice tie. I bet that baby slays them this fall if it hasn't already done so in past seasons.
  6. Here is this year's Wheatley box with flies that I am donating to Spey Nation V. A little bit of this and that with some no named married wings in the mix. I plan on putting in a few more flies as the time gets closer.
  7. Yes spey flies do have a tendency to roll over on the side from time to time, but they are not on there side during the entire swing. That tendency to roll over can also produce a strike too. The knot that is used can help prevent the fly from rolling over on its side as well. A turle knot comes to mind. Modern hook technology and quality has not improved things.
  8. Here is a little article I wrote about my background with spey fishing for salmon river steelhead. I know it's not about fly tying, but it is leading up to it. The next topic will be about swinging flies and fly selection for salmon river steelhead. http://www.glspeydee.blogspot.com/ Frank
  9. That looks great Micke!! What's the material for the rear half of the body?
  10. Here are two links that should help you out http://www.jeromefarnsworth.com/salmon-article1.html http://www.faqs.org/fly-fishing/Pe-Si/Riffling-Hitch-Waking-Fly.html Art Lee has a very nice book on the subject as well.
  11. If your fishing for king salmon in AK (which your profile says thats where your from) I wouldn't trust how it is shown in the video. I like your idea of snelling the rear hook, but I wouldn't do the nail not on the front. I'm sure it will hold on, but I would be worried about having a salmon hooked on only by the trailing hook. I think it may slide underneath the body and pull the body material along with it. I guess you'll find out when you hook one!! I like using a loop to loop connection at the eye with the material that is used to attach the trailing hook. Then attach the two strands to the top of the hook shank, then put the tag ends down through the eye and double them back underneath the shank and tie down again. It will probably be tough with 30 lb leader material though. Braided line like power pro, fly line backing, or beading wire should be fine. The nice thing about the loop to loop method to attach the hook is that you can swap out the hook as long as the trailing loop is long enough. Good luck and sweet fly!!
  12. Technically, any fly tied for the "River Spey" is a spey fly. Today when most knowledgeable people refer to "spey flies" they are referring to flies that have thin bodies, flowing hackle(sometimes long sometimes not), a throat of gadwall or teal, and low set wings of bronze mallard. Patterns such as the silver speal, gold green reeach, purple king would be great examples. Feather wing spey flies tied by Syd Glasso would be a great example of modern day spey flies. Bob Veverka and John Shewey have great books on spey flies.
  13. What river or rivers do plan on fishing? Do you plan on fishing this spring or are you getting a headstart for the fall season? I bet some people can help get you dialed in with just a tad more info. For starters, I don't think you can go wrong with an egg sucking leech for salmon or steelhead, any river, any time of year. If your talking about true spey flies and not just any fly with long hackle, a Lady Caroline is a good pattern to start with.
  14. Markbob, forum members, and those who have read this post, I would like to apologize for assuming that the "Heritage Section" of the Little Lehigh was still the "Heritage Section" and wading in that specific section was still not allowed. I haven't fished that area for almost a year and should have checked with my friend and PA Fish & Boat Commissioner, and should have also checked with one of the local (in my area) WCO's who is also a friend. I also appologize for not bringing up the E.Coli issue in my original post. I was glad that someone (Markbob) was coming to the area so I was eager to help, and did not recollect the news articles that were published months ago. Even though anglers are still fishing the Little Lehigh with E. Coli present, I would have added that info/warning in my original post. However, I do not apoligize for my response (post #27) to Vincent Dick Jr. (2bonthewater) in reference to his initial post (#26) which he tried to remove before the forum members had a chance to read it for themselves. Earlier in this thread I was unsure of his response to me, which was post #20 & #21, so I asked him to clarify his statement since it could have had other meanings.....at least to me. As all of you can see, I was not given the opportunity by Vincent Dick Jr. to clarify my statement about wading in the old heritage section, as opposed to the freedom to wade the rest of Little Lehigh or every river in the state, which led to his rant that he changed to an icon. Judging by his response in post #29 and insinuating that I am a "tool" along with thousands of other PA anglers, I don't expect Vincent Dick Jr. to apologize to myself, forum members, or those reading this thread. I also don't expect him to apologize for trying to "drum up" some business by using another persons website (The Fly Tying Forum created by Will Mullis), and having the nerve to ask people to hit the "like" button. Markbob, I wish you the best with your endeavors at work in the Hamburg area and hope you have the time to get out on the stream and wet a line. I can understand if you would like nothing to do with me or Vincent, but I hope we didn't put a "bad taste in your mouth" about this area of the state, it's streams, and the anglers.
  15. Myself nor my friend said the the river itself blows. It was in reference to what used to be the heritage section, and how the wading has effected the experience in that section. I'm sure you've seen people on the LL or other streams wading where they should be fishing, standing on top of fish, etc... I never stated I had an issue with the act of wading. The LL was a great change of pace. Trying to sneak up on trout close to the bank. Getting the right stance and figure out how to make the cast between branches, joggers, and horseback riders. Landing some of the bigger fish took some luck as well. It isn't that much wider than it used to be. Sure things have changed a bit due to nature and by man, but it's not like it gained 5ft or more in width. As far as nowadays, I agree it is a bit overhyped. Yeah it's not like it was with 16"-20" being common to catch, but it is a different type of challenge and a change of pace from the freestone and limestone streams in the area. Lots of trout holding water if you know where to look, but it isn't classic trout holding water. As far as streams "serving there purpose"....well I guess I look at them as eco-systems that support various forms of life and help to support life that lives nearby, and they aren't flowing for our personal fishy use. Again, never stated I have anything against the act of wading. Nor does it (wading)have to do with an entire river eco-system being "blowing". My original comments were about the heritage section of the LL. I agree and hope ice fishing will be well underway and there will definitely be streams open, free of ice for some trout fishing.
  16. That's right!! And lets not forget about the signs that are on the trees: CAUTION FELLOW ANGLERS - This River has been found to have very high levels of E. Coli Bacteria I guess the sewer lines that were put in years ago aren't doing so good today.
  17. Got it. Thank you for clarifying. I guess we will have to agree to disagree about how wading has affected the overall experience of that short stretch. Regardless, I will never wade that section even though it is allowed......your still remembered Mr. Leisenring!!
  18. Any where from micro 1/8" to regular at a 1/4" and sometimes even larger. Fresh fish don't mind larger eggs, pressured fish go smaller. It can depend on the stream you will be fishing as well. Scud hooks are great....it doesn't necessasarily have to be a specific egg hook, but thats up to you.
  19. So what you're saying is that it does "blow," but for reasons other than the wading? Not sure I follow, please explain.
  20. That's right...I forgot about that, couldn't remember why I stopped heading up there. My buddy that lives less than 5 minutes away just told me it "blows" since the wading restriction was lifted..... I can only imagine what the Deep Wading Association has been up to. LOL!!
  21. Since your close to Reading (I live about a 1/2 hour away south) your best place for info and gear is Tulpehocken Creek Outfitters (TCO Flyshop) which is just outside Reading and close to Tulpehocken creek. The "Tully" as we call it is a tailwater fishery and has some great fishing year round. The Little Lehigh is also not to far away either. There is a nice heritage fly fishing section where no wading is allowed and lots of fish in it. It does get hit pretty hard year round, but it shouldn't be too bad. There is also wadeable areas nearby since the heritage stretch is somewhat short. I've never fished it, but the Lehigh River may be a good choice too since it is fairly close. Getting out to the Yellow Breeches, Letort, Big Spring, etc.. in carlisle,PA is going to be about a 2hr drive for you one way. Shoot me a message sometime, I haven't fished in a while and love to get back on the Tully and meet you as well. Frank
  22. Felt like tying some big suckers for a change. They are all tied on 2" long cotter pins with beading wire used as the material to attach the hook (loop tp loop). The rear is like an intruder and the front is sort of like a General Practional. Going for a squid look.....but you guys know me......had to have a "crayfish like" one in the mix. Here's a step by step as well if your interested. http://www.glspeydee.blogspot.com/
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