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  1. If you look at the pattern recipe it says brown dubbing for the collar.
  2. Thank you guys!! been a while since i posted anything here. don't study them too long cenca......you might wind up looking like the expression in your avatar...LOL
  3. Marty's Recipe for the "Pink Ween Gaddy" Hook: Alec Jackson 5-1.5 Thread: Danville 6/0 hot pink Tip: Small oval silver tinsel Tag: Hot pink silk floss Tail: Golden pheasant crest Body: Hot pink and black seal Rib: Flat silver tinsel followed by small silver oval tinsel (I used a pearlescent flat tinsel and left out the oval tinsel) Hackle: Gadwall flank feather Collar: Saddle hackle died black Wing: Four Red golden pheasant flank feathers (I only used two feathers)
  4. I think that this type of connection is used to get a "straight pull" on the hookset when using an upturned eye....see how the main line is more "in line" with the shank. Kind of like using a turl knot, but different.
  5. You should get some hard strikes on those!!
  6. That's great Carl...picture and fly. I have some driftwood on stands i can now use..thanks for the inspiration!!
  7. Very nice!! I like the color combo and proportions. If you want to get the wood duck to unstick for a photo, run a toothbrush through the fibers a few times. Frank
  8. Here are bunch of links.......good luck with the crowds...you might want to take a flap jacket and a few paintball grenades along. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?C...76.1282&e=0 http://www.jpweather.com/livecam.htm http://www.coastwatch.msu.edu/twoontarios.html http://www.nyfishtales.com/ http://www.paulsguideservice.com/ http://www.trophy-angler.com/ http://www.h2oline.com/365123.asp http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/busi...rom=search_city Was up over labor day weekend and won't go back until the last week of October. A decent push came in on Saturday and the town was packed on Sunday due the word getting out. Stayed upstream looking for a skamania or Atlantic.....no luck but had a great time. It should be a good year since there was plenty of rain over the summer......good colors...who knows......every year is different....have your bases covered...standards are orange, chartreuse, pink, red (another fav of cohos), black , brown, olive.....and combo's of each. Good luck......reading the water and finding spots where the fish pause for a little bit is more important then the fly you choose.
  9. Here is a fly I've great success with for all species on the SR.....black with a chatreuse dot is good as well. Try tying some rust colored stoneflies as well. http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern372.html
  10. any luck on salmoncrazy.com ? here ya go.... http://www.orvis.com/store/productchoice.a...973B&bhcp=1
  11. Stop the thread where the first wrap of tag will start. Wrap forward over butt end of tag material...in this case small oval tinsel. I like to attach it on the far side/underside of the hook shank. FYI - twist is round tinsel......lace is 3 strands of twists wrapped together.....and oval is oval. Wrap tag material forward and tie off. Tag end can extend to mid point of body or to tip of return wire for loop eye. Continue wrapping the thread forward with side by side wraps, not overlapping. Take 2 -3 wraps and unspin thread to flatten it out. I'm right handed and wrap away from myself, so I spin the thread/bobbin clockwise. As you can see I've built up the underbody into a little cigar shape. This was done using the 8/0 tying thread, wrapping back towards the tag with edge to edge wraps, flattening the thread.....stop 3-5 turns short of tag. I stop short of the tag because I do not want a lump to form in front of the tag. Wrap forward, continuing to the return wire and stop. Wrap back towards the tag and stop shorter than the previous layer, return forward and stop about 6 wraps short of the return wire. Attach the floss and wrap forward over tag, not back. After the floss body is wrapped back and forward it will hold itself if you keep tension on the floss When I have the floss body complete I unwrap the intial turns of thread that held the floss tag, then wrap the thread over both tags to secure. Trim ends and wrap thread over floss to midpoint of body. Attach spey hackle (pheasant rump) to underside of hook shank and apply dubbing (seal sub) to the front half of the body. I wanted a tight body so I spun the dubbing onto the thread. Rib the body with the oval tinsel, making sure the middle rib is just touching the front edge of the hackle tie in point. The wraps of hackle will follow the back edge of the oval tinsel rib. Tie the tinsel off at the front with 3-4 wraps and remember how many wraps you made. Wrap the hackle forward following the rear edge of the ribbing. Unwrap your thread 2-3 wraps.....do you remember how many you made? Then tie in the stem of the spey hackle with 3-4 turns......remember them again!! Try to part the fibers on top of the hook shank, fold them down and pinch them underneath the hook shank. I didn't have any great winging material that I liked for this application so I went with what I had available in to keep things similar. Pair and size your wings so the tips are between the barb of the hook and the hook bend....don't extend the wing tips past the bend of the hook!! I prefer to tie the far or left wing on first, and for tented wings I think of it as tying the left wing on the left return wire of the hook eye.........and the near or right wing will be tied on the right return wire of the hook eye. (notice where the stems are sticking out in the head on views....even though they aren't the best shots) I do 2 semi-tight wraps and two more to clinch it. Unwrap 1-2 turns of thread and repeat the process for the near wing. This one gives me the most problems.....sometimes I reverse the thread direction to attach it, but that adds bulk. The wings don't look very tented, but you can see each one is on its own return wire of the loop eye. Notice where the stems are pointing.
  12. Very cool spey!! Love the lines and the colors. Great application of materials!!
  13. Wonderful work on your dee flies John. I like them all!!
  14. You could also try tying the wing first, before anything else. Get your length, plus a little bit extra and tie the wing so it is forward, sticking out over the fly. After that, tie the fly as usual. When you get to the wing, fold it back in the correct position and wrap over it to finish the head. Great tips!! Frank
  15. Nice....can't beat fishing seal on sunny days!!
  16. Very cool.....I like the holographic tinsel you used for the rear body. Very sleek and fishy!!
  17. Sweet tie!! Love the flow of your tie.
  18. Hi Josh!! I'd swing that for steel anytime. The only thing I can foresee, and you'll know more when you use it, is that the long materials will most likely "foul" around the hook shank. You'll have to check it fairly frequently or your great tie may not swim right. To tie a long, sweet, fly like the one have there, and not have it foul every few casts, try tying the same fly on a cotter pin. They can be found in almost every hardware store and are cheap. I like the 3/16" size at an 1 1/2" long. To attach the hook use 30lb or heavier braided line, lash it onto the cotter pin so there is a loop hanging off the back, and zap a gap or super glue it to the cotter pin. The loop on the end should be big enough to swap hooks like a loop to loop connection. Great tying!! Frank
  19. I use very thin varnish for my fishing flies, so there is a coat on the head, and it got absorbed into the thread. Sometimes I just use wax and a whip finish or two for fishing flies. I like the smooth, glossy, perfect finish for "show" flies.
  20. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Frank G. Swarner III: Orange Heron - Glasso
  21. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Frank G. Swarner III: Polar Shrimp - glasso
  22. That rocks Josh!! to give the steelies a different look, try using colored biots for the tail or antennae. Seems to work on the Salmon River, NY.
  23. That is a sweet fly. I going to have to try that one out on steelhead next fall.
  24. Your right Ray.......don't know how I missed that. Wishful thinking I guess. Hook point is now down.
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