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  1. Very nice Fly and thanks for sharing .....i love tying “ Parachutes on klinkhammers , the get to be a challenge for me when i get to size 18, lol but as you said great productive flies. And another thing i like is the versatility in the creation , imagination for all kinds of colors
  2. Wow this is cool , love the motor .....very cool
  3. I Im thinking i see the outline of a Gator in the surface of the water ...lol. Nice fish looks like you had a great day
  4. Thats great to see, keep your original vice, soon youll be getting a new one for your son to tie on ......thats great
  5. Merry Christmas everyone enjoy
  6. Merry Christmas everyone
  7. This is true. Ive heard that. ,like norm said it takes practice and a lot of patience...ive tried for years lol, watching the videos they seem successful im now at the point to get dedicated to learning this form of fishing,from practice to videos im going to get this , ive never had a lesson to fish dry flys or casting lessons,and my tying is from practice as well ,so i just need to dedicate to it and practice , ive spent many an evening in the yard practicing my casts and rolling loops ...i kind of enjoy the whole thing like its a new adventure, years ago i wanted to tie my own flys ...lol before “ you- tube. I looked at a few pictures in books and didnt give up. ...so im looking forward to this now. ..thanks guys as always.
  8. Great advice guys thank you , i just love tying Nymphs. Figured im going to start fishing them but ,man theres a learning curve for sure. As norm said it takes patience,plenty of it ive tried ,and i think the more videos i watch , the more frustrating i get lol they make it look so damn simple. .....but hey nothing is easy im going to learn this. Lol. Thanks guys.
  9. Tying nymphs is fun i enjoy it , fishing them is an art in my opinion,i have seen countless videos and seen guys just catching trout left and right , i have tried it several times not much success,from snags to just missing trout ,to thinking im snagged and it was probably a trout but i missed it ..... from what im reading i think a new rod would help based on the sensitive tip on rod.......long leaders and this seems to be the combination guys use ..... So big question who here is one of those dedicated guys that are nymph fishing with successful? Its kind of like im missing something out there lol ? Id apreciate some input ,thanks guys David
  10. So sorry you and family going through this , you will be in our thoughts and prayers
  11. That sounds great. Thanks for sharing. Wife and i are considering the move ,theres not much to sway us from all weve been hearing.
  12. David 82nd

    I'm Back

    Just came back recently myself, great to have you back. Happy holidays 😊
  13. Sent you a “ PM “ buddy 😊
  14. Very nice ..happy wife makes a happy family ....besides im sure in her new kitchen she will enjoy prepping some great things for you 😊
  15. From what im seeing its an amazingly Beautiful state , not to crazy about NH ...but we are thinking of buying up in maine
  16. Hey guys with such a large group of likeminded guys here i was wondering if there is anybody here that lives in maine ? Many reasons to ask ,lol
  17. Lol......yes Kelly Gallup loves to hear himself, he is imformative IMO,and usually after all the chat he gets to the point ,usually simple but i have fast forwarded his videos to get to the point ...lol. I do love his Bench and access to all those materials but i guess when you own the shop you do as you want ..good for him ...... just imagine that for a minute........... every possible hook,thread material you could ever need within a casual stroll through store .... thats nice 👍🏻
  18. Very njce ties guys, beautiful attention to detail 👍🏻
  19. Very nice,the colors are nice ,i could see proportions being critically important on smaller hooks , Beautiful tie
  20. Reminds me few years ago i picked up 2 mink within three weeks, side of road during late november, pretty frozen , i took home and i shaved them with an old beard trimmer , took handfuls of mink and incorporated into a dubbing , 🤷🏻‍♂️ Honestly didnt notice earth breaking results but figured i could try
  21. Great valid points from everyone , i never got into tying to save money,whereas it was more a curiosity as to making somthing beautiful and functional...i think you can go crazy with every gadget available, but hey to each his own ,i just love to tie its relaxing and mentally stimulating it also has an education level from a science angle , bugs are out there for a reason at certain times of day, hatches ,it all is real and i enjoy learning that aspect an incorporating into my flies.....hey im retired ,i dont golf and its my Hobby. .. theres always a new thing to learn from fishing to tying its always moving, i have a ton of materials and plenty of time to enjoy them , i get it some guys may get 1 day off and just dont have time to sit at vice,so they need to manage their time .... maybe when they retire and get more time tying will be more accessible for them
  22. Like “ norm says , dont go cheap on tools or materials ......... 👍🏻
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