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  1. I'm sure what I do is wrong but it works for me. I have a loop to loop connection from fly line to a 4ft piece of 25lb mono to a tippet ring then finished off with a piece of 4ft 12lb mono. Turns over the flies fine and hasn't stopped the bluegill, bass, catfish and gar I've been going after the last couple years. I just don't think they are as leader shy as other fish. Plus when you have to be careful on spending money as I have to be on fishing stuff. A large spool of mono doesn't break the bank and last forever.
  2. Thanks there wasn't a list or anything to help identify the pieces
  3. Baby craws #8 hook My wife got me a materials kit on Amazon. Not sure it's the greatest quality materials but they are something to start off with. Can't anybody help me identify this feather?
  4. Still getting down the basics. My little girl loves it when they hit on top water. So that's what we have been working on.
  5. As a beginner at fly tying I chose the mop fly to learn on. It's helped me learn a lot of the basics plus it just catches fish. Here are a few of the ones I've tied. Most of the ones I have tied are in chartreuse. Mainly because I read some where if it's not chartreuse it's of no use lol.
  6. Hi all. New to fly fishing and fly tying. Been interested in it since I was a kid. Only took 20+ years to actually get started though. Mainly fishing for bass and panfish. Hope to learn a lot here. I know it's a mop fly but can you blame me they are easy to learn the basics on and cheap to get started with.
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