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  1. My two passions are fly tying and building bamboo fly rods. I am a novice with photography, but would like to mainly take pictures to post online. I have done some reading, but most of the articles and posts online were a few years old. Consequently, the recommendations for cameras are outdated. I would prefer to spend less than $200 new, if possible, and open to purchase used/refurbished. It seems a basic point & shoot with macro capabilities would fit my needs. However, what other features (e.g., amount of megapixel) to consider? I would appreciate recommendations pertaining to specific brands/models and features to look for. Thanks. Ron
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    I appreciate the feedback, it will help me toward making a decision about purchasing or not. Actually, I have approximately twenty years of tying experience and owned multiple vises during that timeframe. I was an active member, with a different username, on this site about 5 years ago. I recently, after a few years away, decided to get back into the hobby.
  3. I have been considering for awhile to purchase a Jvise, and am interested in feedback from owners pertaining to their experiences with it. There appears to be a lot of support for it and accompanying products. I am leaning toward buying all the components of the Gooseneck Kit with the exception of the base. I own a workshop full of woodworking tools, so no problem making one for considerably less. What accessories would you suggest for tying trout flies? My understanding is the vise can be purchased customized in-terms of color. What are the color options, and any suggestions of possible colors to avoid in-terms of how tying lights may impact (e.g., reflecting light back at the tyer) it? Thanks. Ron
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