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  1. Got it. You digging those midge jaws i hope. I had a griffin with knobs, held hooksjust fine until it decided to spit hooks instead of holding them.
  2. Same here, but I get my rings at the local shop
  3. Are you tired of your dyna king already, chug? 😉
  4. Sandan


    Great vid Norm. To me it all comes down to thread control. Like how you're video tyer pulled straight down rather than across the bottom of the hook towards himself. $.02
  5. @denduke nice stuff.
  6. I think it looks good. Tying parachutes I've pretty much given up tying off the hackle along to shaft of the hook. I whip finish on the post. Klinkhammer style. I think it makes for a much neater look. The other thing I do is leave a bit of bare stem on the hackle between the tie in and the first fibers. That helps keep the first and succeeding wraps flatter. I like the calf tail post you used. I hate that slippery stuff.
  7. It sure is versatile. I always have some in my box in my vest. I might have missed it but what fly are you calling for the next challenge?
  8. One bunch of elk hair for the post. What I do is tie the post/wing in but don't trim it until I have the hackle wrapped. Tie in the post like an untrimmed eh caddis wing, then take a couple of wraps around to base to consolidate things, wrap the hackle, tie it off trim the butts. Here's Charlie Craven tying it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Or8iq-fsM. It's worth it, I find this fly to be a real killing pattern (of course I'm all about C&R)
  9. That's what immediately came to my mind also.
  10. After tying a few I found that if you pick a flank feather that has appropriate length fibers for the wing they're pretty easy to tie. I figure that nothing is going to really make these a durable fly. Come spring time and after when there are actual bugs on the surface that are bigger than 24s I'm gonna give these a shot.
  11. Hahaha. Anyhow. Here it is. Been at it for a while. Hook: Tiemco 206BL Size 18 Thread:Uni 8/0 Grey Body/tail: Teal flank feather Hackle: Whiting Natural dun. Next up one of my favorite most productive flies. The Missing Link.
  12. @denduke those are really nice. "“2 feathers”. Tail, body, wing is one feather then a hackle to make 2???" Exactly.
  13. This has been sitting untaken for too long. I'll do it.
  14. No,no judgment. I get it about those "old bikers". Gotta get your thrills however you can, eh?
  15. a bakers dozen Moosquirrels will be in the post by this weekend latest.
  16. Do mean by any chance hinky?
  17. My experience w/ FE, once burned twice wary (Well there is no twice). Placed an order got charged never received what I ordered. He never answered any emails or phone calls. YMMV.
  18. Pedestal base on the desk. Jaws are about an inch below the bottom of my neck/collarbone.
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