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  1. 2 hours ago, chugbug27 said:

    No, I'm loving it. Loving it. 

    I was actually just pondering the idea presented to the op that tightening jaws with a knob is somehow some kind of a "design flaw"... 🤔


    Got it. You digging those midge jaws i hope. I had a griffin with knobs, held hooksjust fine until it decided to spit hooks instead of holding them.

  2. 56 minutes ago, cencalfly said:

    Below is my first attempt at the Para Adams.  I was getting ready to tie some fresh Adams for my fly box when I saw the challenge.  It seems a little rough to me so any input would be appreciated.  I would like to get the hackle to splay out a little more flat.  The body material could be finer too.  Other than that I'll take it.  Now to tie up a couple dozen for mine and the wife's fly boxes.

    Parachute Adams:

    Hook: #12 Daiichi 1180 (Standard dry fly hook)

    Thread: 8/0 black Uni

    Tail: Mix of Grizzly and Coachman Brown Hackle Fibers

    Body: Muskrat

    Wingpost: White Calf tail

    Hackle: Grizzly and Coachman Brown


    Next Up:  Royal Trude

    Para Adams.jpg

    I think it looks good.  Tying parachutes I've pretty much given up tying off the hackle along to shaft of the hook. I whip finish on the post. Klinkhammer style. I think it makes for a much neater look. The other thing I do is leave a bit of bare stem on the hackle between the tie in and the first fibers. That helps keep the first and succeeding wraps flatter.  I like the calf tail post you used. I hate that slippery stuff.

  3. 53 minutes ago, denduke said:

    Great! I’d have to go kill another rabbit.  Never thought I’d need a rabbits foot.  Got a HareEarMask.  Crazy mat’l list for some stuff.  Unlucky for the tibbar...Eating wife’s turnip patch. Not any hatches on my horizon so don’t  tie many lil dry flies; I’ll pass.

    The “CaneCutter” was a little chewy.04DEAFA9-5C21-453D-AEAB-F354DC76BC99.jpeg




    looks good enough to eat!

  4. 16 minutes ago, ScienceGuy141 said:

    Thanks! Its a pretty cool pattern. I really like it and ended up tying up a handful of them. Seems like a versatile pattern that in olive, gray, black, cream would cover a lot of bugs! 

    It sure is versatile. I always have some in my box in my vest. I might have missed it but what fly are you calling for the next challenge?

  5. 34 minutes ago, ScienceGuy141 said:



    Mercer's Missing Link

    Hook: TMC 100 size 16

    Thread: 70 denier utc - olive 

    Abdomen: olive thread, epoxy over rib

    Rib: pearl krystal flash

    Thorax: black peacock ice dub

    Underwing: FTD congo hair - baitfish cream

    Wing: Elk (ended up not stacked as neatly as I'd like)

    Hackle: Collins hackle farm barred dun


    *pictures aren't as in focus as I thought. I'll see if I can upload better ones later.


    Nice job!

  6. 3 hours ago, niveker said:

    Kind of a fiddly tie, with that parachute hackle around the two bunches of elk hair while navigating around the dubbing ball, but it seems well worth the effort from the great reviews. 

    Been trying it out, but with less than spectacular results so far. 

     I don't want it to turn into a week-long wait like my last one, so anyone feel free to jump in.

    One bunch of elk hair for the post. What I do is tie the post/wing in but don't trim it until I have the hackle wrapped. Tie in the post like an untrimmed eh caddis wing, then take a couple of wraps around to base to consolidate things, wrap the hackle, tie it off trim the butts. Here's Charlie Craven tying it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Or8iq-fsM. It's worth it, I find this fly to be a real killing pattern (of course I'm all about C&R)

  7. 15 hours ago, niveker said:

    LOL.  You make me laugh, Denduke.  Nice fanwings, must be a b**** to cast though.  

    Looks really good, Sandan.  Such a beautifully simple pattern, and they really look perfect on the water.  

    My brother loves to fish them, wish he'd learn how to tie them.  I cheat and coat the extended body and tail with fabric glue to help them last longer, kinda like bailing a boat with a sieve, though.  

    After tying a few I found that if you pick a flank feather that has appropriate length fibers for the wing they're pretty easy to tie. I figure that nothing is going to really make these a durable fly. Come spring time and after when there are actual bugs on the surface that are bigger than 24s I'm gonna give these a shot.

  8. 1 hour ago, niveker said:

    You da man!

    Hahaha. Anyhow. Here it is. Been at it for a while. 

    Hook: Tiemco 206BL Size 18

    Thread:Uni 8/0 Grey

    Body/tail: Teal flank feather

    Hackle: Whiting Natural dun.

    Next up one of my favorite most productive flies. The Missing Link.




  9. On 1/16/2023 at 9:12 PM, vicrider said:

    One of the responsibilities of running is keeping up to date on arrivals. Since the board is kinky and doesn't let us jump around pages like it should it is the responsibility of the person running the swap to open the front page and let us know when flies come in. When we don't save a tracking # or it shows arrival but no acknowledgement on front page of members in swap it worries the sender. Let's make a habit to keep up on this notification.

    Do mean by any chance hinky? 

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