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  1. I've got an 8' 4/5wt Mantra penta. Love it. Glenn and crew know what they are doing!
  2. Bust out the razor blade. Speaking from what I would do in this case
  3. No the wing is squirrel hair. Natural dun hackle. I'll give the hair a shot as the hackle. <edit> great idea for the hackle </edit>
  4. All great ties so far this month. This one is for the Rocky and Bullwinkle swap. I'm calling it a "Moosquirrel". Hook: Size 16 standard dry fly Thread: Rusty brown UTC. 70 den Wing: Squirrel tail Tail: Moose hock Abdomen: Moose mane. One white and one black. Collar: Whiting natural dun saddle.
  5. Thank you Bruce. I did use my thumbnail, but didn't get it quite right. Next time. I'll check out the vids you recommended. Prepping the crests to get 'em just right is a problem for me (one of many).
  6. Lots have come and gone, some ill effects but nothing too bad. I'm gonna tie what I'll be calling the "Moosquirel". It's a concept fly. As in how did I ever conceive of this fly.
  7. A few more. 4/13/56 for me. Mine was a Friday to ice the cake
  8. @dflanagan that looks really good.
  9. I was born on the 13th of April. 13 works for me. @DarrellP stay in.
  10. If #12 is still open I'll take that slot. Pattern TBD.
  11. Can't hold a candle to whats been posted but figured I'd see just how out of practice I am. It's just something I "threw" together. Thanks for getting me off my rusty dusty you all.
  12. I agree with Norm, one challenge thread is good. But you, or anyone, can present your idea as the next challenge fly after you take on a challenge.
  13. When I get back from my Christmas vacation I think I'll spin up a few of those too. I really like 'em. "What the hell..." I seem to remember a midge that uses the flashabou for a rib. I'll see if I can find it when I get home from work. If it's any help I'm pretty sure it's in Pat Dorsey's Colorado Guide Flys book.
  14. I dug the one that Norm , @flytire , did. Yours too @niveker. I think they're really cool
  15. First crack at a Greenwell's Glory wet. Size 14. Morus primrose silk with cobblers wax for the body. Wood duck primary quill slips for the wings Ex. Small oval gold tinsel for the tag and rib. Beard is brown hen hackle
  16. @mvendon Awesome rendition of the muddler.
  17. Great minds and tastes my friend!
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