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  1. That's a good one. And on those day's when the fishing isn't that good it's "kvetch and release"
  2. I'll take the humpy. That'll be for tonight's Bugs and Bourbon
  3. Yep. https://charliesflybox.com/blogs/step-by-step-tutorials/mother-s-day-caddis-garcia-s
  4. Sometimes I'll use a clear/silver lined glass bead or a root beer for PT nymphs. I like the green
  5. That is a great idea and fantastic execution.
  6. Recommended changes have been made. As has been said, all are welcome. Don't be shy take a challenge. This is a perfect opportunity to extend your comfort level and tying skills. Most of all we're here to have fun tying so have at it. Please.
  7. Excellent point. How about if we add this to the rules. When you accept a challenge you have to actually tie the fly for the challenge. No picking it out of your pre tied collection. I actually thought that would be an unwritten rule. Let's write it so that no one is intimidated or other wise put off from playing. What say you all
  8. Thank you chug. Yep my variation. I've been kind of enamored lately by Catskill style flies. I'd have done brown and white, but....didn't have the right size of those colors on my bench so used what I have. I'll def try it, show knows it just might be that secret agent we all need to have a couple of in the box.
  9. Size 18 Woodcock and purple. Purple Morus silk thread Size 16 cree and cream bivisible. Grey 8/0 uni thread. Light brown Semperfli kapok dubbing for the body. Medium Pardo CDL for the tail.
  10. Cool. Looking forward to your rendition of whatever it is you pick
  11. SalarMan is giving you excellent advice. I know because he gave it to me and having taken it it's made my journey much easier to digest. Oh yeah the journey never ends. Tie and post your ties. We don't bite. Welcome aboard.
  12. Critique: give it up George. You have no future tying those fantastic salmon flies. Of course I'm kidding. You're showing us amazingly beautiful work.
  13. Klinkhammer style Hook: Daiichi 1167 size 18 Thread: Grey 8/0 uni Abdomen: peccary quill Wing: cream snowshoe rabbit foot Thorax: muskrat under fur Hackle: whiting natural dun
  14. I don't think it is. If I get 6 years out of a pair of waders, pinholes from cactus don't count I figure I'm way ahead of the game. Simms G3 Guide waders (600 or 650 if you want Camo) divided by 5.5 years (split the difference) = ~$109 or ~$118 bucks/year. So right there that's about equivalent to a nice dinner for you and another person. Personally I get out at least 3 times a month over the whole year so that's 36 minimum times/year. Divide that 109 by 36, that's $3.02/ outing or $3.28/outing. That's about equivalent to 2 store bought dry flies (not that I buy flies). So to me that's definitely value. On the other hand you can buy a pair of Cabelas waders for about 100 bucks. If they last a whole season you're lucky in my opinion (anecdotal evidence). So after 5 years you're only about 100$ in the hole with the Simms over the 5 years. Again one nice dinner. You ask me quality waders are well worth it. YMMV. (3 years comes to ~$5.50/outing or ~$6.00/outing still worth it to me)
  15. I'd much rather tie Gartsides. Knotting those pheasant tail fibers for Dave's hopper drives me nuts. I use flexament on the pheasant feather wing
  16. Sad news for sure. Hopefully he's still casting and blasting where the ponds are full and the sky has plenty of ducks
  17. Agreed, Norm. That's why I picked it, I thought it would be a relatively easy tie.
  18. Thanks. I hadn't tied one in while also.
  19. Finally. Madam X Hook:Size 8, WFC #9, 3xl Thread: 8/0 Semperfli Classic waxed yellow Tail: bleached yearling elk Body: yellow silk floss Head: select cow elk natural Legs: sili legs barred yellow Next up: Charlie Cravens 2 bit hooker
  20. If I have a hike into fish that's going to take over 30 minutes, most of the time I'll stow all my fishing gear (waders, boots, vest, lunch) in a backpack and change into my fishing stuff at my destination.
  21. Pizza , scissors to trim that wild hackle and then more pizza. Nice 'skeeter though.
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