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  1. Finally. Madam X Hook:Size 8, WFC #9, 3xl Thread: 8/0 Semperfli Classic waxed yellow Tail: bleached yearling elk Body: yellow silk floss Head: select cow elk natural Legs: sili legs barred yellow Next up: Charlie Cravens 2 bit hooker
  2. If I have a hike into fish that's going to take over 30 minutes, most of the time I'll stow all my fishing gear (waders, boots, vest, lunch) in a backpack and change into my fishing stuff at my destination.
  3. Pizza , scissors to trim that wild hackle and then more pizza. Nice 'skeeter though.
  4. My buddy just picked up a pair of Pros. They're still too new for a real report. Two things I've found to add longevity to my waders. First thing is to either hang them or lay them flat between outings. Let 'em dry. Don't leave them folded or rolled up. Second thing is never wear jeans or any sort of abrasive pants under them. Fleece, poly, quick-dry all work for me. I'm short but never have had the rubbing problem the guy in the video has. A grand for a dry suit is lot of dough, maybe not for a dry suit but it's still a lot of dough. I'll stick with my G3s. YMMV.
  5. There are 2 kinds of waders. Those that leak and those that are going to leak. That said my G3s are going on 4 seasons easily 150+ days. Couple of pinholes that's it. My previous pair of G3s were held together with Aqua Seal.
  6. I'm on it too Norm. Much easier to remove from yourself. Unfortunately that happens way too often. A good tie is a good tie no matter if it's barbed or barbless
  7. Thank you. Crushing the barb is the first thing I do when I get my hooks out to tie.
  8. Size 16 Atherton #3 Tail: Medium cree hackle barbs or ginger and grizzly mixed Wing: Wood duck or medium dun hackle points Body: Seal fur blended with bright yellow seal fur, fox-belly fur dyed yellow, or dyed mohair Rib: Narrow oval gold tinsel Hackle: Rusty dun or medium dun and ginger mixed
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
  10. Welcome @AZFalconer, from the Centennial State Looks like you're off to a very good start. "but mostly technique. I try doing "X" (like dubbing loops or something), cut it off, and do it again until it starts to look OK." I couldn't agree more with that statement, except to add "... and keep on doing it some more." Take the "challenge" post some pics in the <This month> Flies from the Vise thread. No critiques will be given unless asked for and they will be given respectfully and in a positive manner.
  11. Hate em won't tie em. That's just how I roll
  12. I got skunked elk hunting this year. Nice ties. The Charlie boy and Charlie baby boy are two of my go to hopper patterns.
  13. Thank you @niveker. It's an Umpqua "U" series 002 traditional, standard dry fly hook. In fact I really like the "U" series hooks. They're about half the price of the Tiemco's and I think they ate just as good quality wise.
  14. One has to try. Good luck with the hunt
  15. Nice job poopdeck. That was a quick pick up squeezy.
  16. Sandan


    Tiemco, Umpqua "U" series, fulling mill, firehole, Gama, ahrex, Alex Johnson mustad. All good.
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