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  1. If no one takes it by tomorrow evening....
  2. Thank you. I'm not in that far yet. I hate to have a good ending ruined😎
  3. Mark, The patterns and Mr. Atherton are pretty interesting in their own rights. The kindle edition is black and white. I'm digging those pictures. I like how the bodies are tied or at least shown. He was a big believer in those variants and spiders. Fly types that don't, at least in my opinion, get much thought or use nowadays. I'm going to add a few of them to my arsenal. I'm also going yo see if I can get my bodies closer to what's in the picture as well as work on my proportions. Thanks for this. Michael
  4. I think the "new" rules really open this up to everyone. Thanks for thinking and posting Norm and thanks trouttramp for accepting the revisions
  5. An attempt at an Atherton #1 Hook: Fulling Mill 5050 size 16 Thread:Tan Tail:Light dun hackle Wing:Light, glassy dun hackle points Body: Pale cream fox-belly fur Rib:Narrow oval gold tinsel Hackle:Light cree or pale ginger and light grizzly mixed
  6. We have rules here too. In the thread above this one. Caveat emptor. Always
  7. Better late than never. Thank you to all the vets and their families
  8. Only 300K? Sounds like a bargain. Hahaha
  9. As chugbug27 said, ditto. Got a recipe for that fly?
  10. Can you do other colors, like gold and then you can call 'em....Gold Fingers. Glad you're doing better Mark!
  11. @SalarMan and @chugbug27, Thanks guys. As George said though, we're our own worst critics
  12. As usual, you all are rocking it. From the muskrat thread. An attempt at an Atherton #5 Thread: Veevus 16/0 olive dun Tail: a mixture of red brown and grizzly Wings: Wood Duck Body: Hare’s ear, using the short specked hairs on the ear and the pinkish tan hair at the base of the ears. Rib: Narrow oval gold tinsel Hackle: Dark cree Hook sizes: Standard dry fly, 18 – 10 this is a 16
  13. Welcome back George. Looks to me like you haven't missed a day. Another beauty from you.
  14. I know what you mean, same here
  15. That's one tough question. I really like SemperFli kapok but I'm not sure if it's my favorite
  16. Norm, I heard Charlie Craven say that's how the pros do it. That way they don't have to find the end of the wire every time they need some. 😉
  17. Glad you like 'em. I did some reading about Mr. Atherton. I really like his tying philosophy, and even though drowning has to be a terrible way to go at least he was out on, or shall I say in, the water.
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