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  1. You guys are great inspiration. Couple of cripples. One pheasant tail and the other a goose biot body. PT is a 24, biot is a 26.
  2. Very nice BWO video. Here in Colorao we get BWO's hatching all year round. In fact my buddy and I got into a hatch this past Saturday ( 2 DEC 2017)
  3. Awesome emergers (nymph too). What hook are you using and what are the tails made of, if you don't mind say? The hook is a TMC206BL #14. The tail is Boar's Hair. Kimp Thank you sir
  4. Awesome emergers (nymph too). What hook are you using and what are the tails made of, if you don't mind say?
  5. Spectacular! Beautiful! Great artistry, Kimo No kidding. Just amazing
  6. An older about 65 year old woman shows up in church wearing a white wedding gown ready to get married. The clergyman goes up to her and says, "my dear you know white is for virgins. I've performed the marriage ceremony for you twice already. How can you wear white?" The woman answers, my first husband was a gynecologist all he wanted to do was look. My second husband who passed away was a stamp collector. I sure do miss him.
  7. All you folks do such excellent work. Truly you all are inspirations
  8. Salmonfly from the Colorado River by "Pumphouse" and two flies that imitate them. Both work great, yes even upside down
  9. A few more. Size 26 pseudocleon dry. a few stoneflys, 10,12and 14. and prince nymph variations.
  10. nymphs/emergers are 22s and 24s. Dries are 24s. The cripple is a 26.
  11. Very nice Lucian, thanks for sharing
  12. Evidently the flows were strong enough and the spill short enough to not really affect the river very badly Not that I'd eat much less keep anything from there. I fished it last August, wade and float, the fishing was quite good.
  13. Grizzly, brown, med. blue/gray dun, cream, white. White can be dyed to other colors
  14. I have 1/2 silver brown whiting midge saddle and a 1/4 silver Whiting midge saddle. Sizes to 24 no problem. You can tie a LOT of flies/feather too
  15. You must have missed when I posted that, "The rod is still a fast action rod with a fast action design that is less able to protect the tippet." See the next to last post on previous page. Guess I did miss it. Thanks
  16. I'm kind of surprised that no one has mentioned how a slower medium action rod can "protect" your tippet. Fast action rods, all the rage it seems are rough on the tippet when you get a big fish on a light tippet. The tip just doesn't "give" enough. IMHO of course
  17. To Vicrider, Ever use a turkey flat fora post on those itty-bittys. I've been trying but the flat fibers slip out of my fingers. I don't want to get/make a gallows tools so I was wondering as you seem to have experience. Usually I'll use McFlylon or poly for a post or split wing and then cut 'em down to size when I'm done.
  18. Looks great. Might I mention that when you push the elk hair at the head back if you have a cylinder of a correct size (bic pen case maybe) you can slide that over the hair and then tie it off rather than holding the hair in your fingers. (step 22s and 23)
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