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  1. I was sort of kidding... but I'd be curious to hear what makes the Master stand "head and shoulders above the 4000". Since my last reply I have had a chance to at least play with the 2000 and 4000 in a shop and you're right, the 4000 does feel superior. The 2000 felt like a slightly upgraded Traveler with an articulating arm.
  2. I guess I hadn't realized there was a ton of difference between the 2000 and 4000. Looking at the specs, it seems the 4000 is stainless vs anodized aluminum for the 2000. Are there other key differences I'm missing aside from the extra joint on the 2000? Following your logic, I should just go all-in and get the Special Edition Master Vise and REALLY UPgrade!
  3. Yes, I'm likely to get something new either way - my brother wants to learn and I can give him the old one for the cost of parts. Since I've only ever used the Renzetti I don't know how well I'd like something else so that's why I'm asking here where folks likely have experience with many of them. The appeal of the Revolution (to me) is the ease of loading hooks of any size with no needed adjustments and it seems more substantial and durable than my Traveler - at least from fiddling with it in the shop. I realize that personal preference is likely the largest contributing factor, but hearing opinions of more experienced people can be helpful.
  4. Do you feel you can get the hook in a nice centered position with most sizes on the Revolution?
  5. I'm sure I can fix the traveler - already have some parts on order - may give it to my brother once repaired. The alternative is to just get another traveler since I know and like it (and it's cheaper). I didn't change the vise-head position that much with my traveler so I may not need the finer-tuned ability of the Presentation 2000 with the extra joint/knuckle on the arm.
  6. I'm looking for an upgrade from my Renzetti Traveler which was damaged during some travel. Overall I've loved the rotary function of the Renzetti and am considering the Presentation 2000 for the ability to easily fine-tune the center of rotation for various hook sizes, although I probably tie mostly size 10-22. However, I LOVE the look and sturdiness of the Regal Revolution but have never had the chance to tie on one. With the Regal, how does one account for different hook sizes with regards to keeping the hook centered as it rotates? I simply want to understand the strengths of the Regal Revolution as compared with the Renzetti line with which I'm more familiar. Would the rotary function of the revolution be a step backwards from what I'm used to or simply different?
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