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  1. Never tied up my own panfish jigs but what the hell, count me in
  2. I have the 10' 3wt and 11' 2wt, I would highly recommend both, super sensitive tips on each, enough backbone to fight a 20"+ trout if you hook into one, and they also second as a decent dry fly rod if you need to make a switch on the river, both rods do an awesome job protecting light tippets, I fish all the way down to 9x Varivas on mine
  3. Thank you. This style of fishing calls for a different rod and line set up so I plan to get a new rod (what a shame) to get set up for this. I'm going to tye a lot more flies as well. Kevin I am a Euro nymphing junkie, hence the username lol, if you're looking into a decent rod check out syndicates for sure.
  4. I was a late fill in, have been busy, I should have them in the mail by Wednesday
  5. Is that page/forums still down for everyone? I haven't been able to get on it in days, anyone know an admin over there and knows whats going on?
  6. I gotta get started on this one, pattern TBD either a Tungsten surveyor/variant or something of my own creation
  7. This swap deserves a group photo of them altogether, some really awesome work!
  8. Got mine today, excellent work by everyone!
  9. Tried to keep the Alexandra as original as possible, even used vintage gaelic supreme wet fly hooks & scarlet Ibis
  10. Anyone give my fly a go yet, curious how it does in other parts of the country
  11. I also like Camos idea, if we did it that way I would be in for sure.
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