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  1. HA! I can relate, I find myself blowing air on a finished fly to see the action and all the trimmings go everywhere (that sounds weird but i'm sure ya'll know what I mean).
  2. Nice video per usual McFly! I will have to try these out, never have fished an egg pattern. I Keep up the awesome vids! You are a inspiration to the tying video community. One question about your videos, do you do the 'commentary' live while you're tying or after the fact? I havn't tried either but I think talking with the video allows for more instructions to be delivered.
  3. That is true! Thanks for the input and response. Thanks for the feedback! It is difficult to find music without copyright restrictions, but I'll explore other alternatives for sure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the fly itself, I tied the tip end of the hackle behind the eyes yet it would look more 'pretty' if I tied it the other way around so that the longer fibers were at the front. Probably doesn't matter to the fish, plus the wire is going to trap some fibers regardless. I've tried tying without the wire and tying the hackle in at the back as well and caught numerous fish without the fly deconstructing... yet.
  4. The Tiger Tail is a versatile little streamer fly developed by Mike Curry. First utilized in the Ozarks, this fly imitates damsel/dragonflies and other medium sized food sources for fish. Really easy fly to tie and there are endless possibilities for variation (see pic below). If you want to learn how to tie it up check out my video! It's my first try at these so let me know what you think. Materials: Hook: Any small streamer hook Hook Sizes: 8, 10, 12 Eyes: Bead chain eyes (optional) Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 Rust Orange, Black Body: Peacock Herl, Ice dub, or MS bugger dubbing Tail: Dry Fly Hackle, olive, black & white, or golden Weight: Lead wire Hackle: Olive or Red bugger hackle
  5. Thanks for the vid! Whereabouts in MO do you fish? I'm down in the SW Ozarks region.
  6. For the prices and bulk amounts of synthetic materials, check out Fly Tyers Dungeon. As far as other sites, I like to see where they ship from which in turn let's me know how fast the shipping will be relative to shipping price (if it isn't free). I've ordered some tools from J. Stockard before and was pleased. Just ordered some materials from "Feathercraft" which is based in St. Louis and got my order in a matter of 2 days which was pleasing, so if you're near the midwest give them a look.
  7. Hahaha same here. Cool video nonetheless, mouse patterns are always cool looking too.
  8. Cool tie & awesome detached body, will have to try this out. Is there any alternatives to the moose body hair?
  9. I researched a little about FTD and decided to buy the $25 Fly Tyers Box to test out a variety of products. I got a TON of materials for the price and am really excited to try them out. The quantities are big and the prices are low. Now to test them out!
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