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  1. Parachute Adams... Even though I can tear up some dry fly fishing on other patterns
  2. Thanks for your advice, Denduke! I may not set the new record for largest brown, just hoping to not get skunked. I really appreciate the pics and help! I havent fished Idaho yet, that is still on the bucket list. Ive fished Montana and Wyoming though! Were not going out west this year, so looking for some locations closer to home besides the Smokies!
  3. Has anyone fished on the Little Red River in Arkansas? Was it easy to wade? Where did you camp? TIA!
  4. Thank you for sharing! Having great resources like this saves money for materials!
  5. Just want to echo Rick- the flies are all great! Thank you all for putting in the time to tie (especially those who tied more than 1!) Also, thanks BB for putting together a great mix! It is always a great day to get a box of new flies from you all!
  6. What type of UV resin/light do you use, J-Kno? Ive been trying to find something that works well, but budget friendly. Loon Outdoors looks like it has a decent set-up, but looks like there are multiple types of resins. (More resins = more $$)
  7. Hah thanks, BB! Im still learning so I have a ways to go... Dai-Riki size 14 Red ice dubbing for the butt Yellow dubbing for the thorax Elk hair for wings Grizzly hackle (a little bit larger than size 14, but helps the fly sit high in rough waters) UTC 70 thread This yellow sally is always my go-to for the Smokies. Ive even fished it in Montana when I was out of stimulators and did pretty well!
  8. Sorry to hear that your wife is undergoing radiation, BB. I have had some patients undergo rounds of chemo/radiation and it really wiped them out. I hope the treatment has been effective. I will lift her up in prayer this week!! I just mailed my flies this morning. Hopefully you will have them in hand by early next week!
  9. Thanks for the extra time, Rick! Cant wait to see what you tied up. BB- pm me that address!
  10. My husband and I are going to the beach early October (Mobile/Gulf Shores AL area) and I was wondering if anyone knew if any great opportunities to fly fish down there. (Redfish, maybe?). I tried asking Google, but results were sparse- even when looking for fly shops. Any advice is appreciated!
  11. Haha yes, I can reach the vise now that I dont have a big ol belly between me & the table and my future little fisherman naps (sometimes) for an hour or two! But yes, baby boy is happy, healthy, and a handful!
  12. Did I hear Smoky Mountains?? I would love to tie up my version of a yellow sally... Late October due date would be best. Just getting back from Maternity Leave! (Assuming yall will have me for this swap...)
  13. My husband and I love the smokies! Size 14 elk hair caddis, size 14 yellow sally (takes on these all summer although the hatch is mostly in May), and green caddis nymph with a little gold wire sparkle! (Red ice dubbing for the yellow sally is a must) We tend of have better luck on the NC side of the park btw
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