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  1. Shalcup has a caddis nymph pattern that I just tied: gold bead placed 2 or 3 eye widths behind the head and covered with synthetic wing material. Body standard--your choice of colors. The finished fly looks like a diving caddis and the bead resembles the air bubble it carries down with it! Really could be an attention getter; can't wait to try it this Spring. Has anyone used this fly out there? results? tips?
  2. Ron, your Re-entry fly is awesome; wonderful use of colors and truly creates the impression of it's name. Also liked to see your early flies; I began at age 26 so am envious of your early start. I've got it bookmarked so I can bring it up now and again for inspiration on my humble ties. Thanks!
  3. [bGorgeous shot of dragonfly! Don't think we have that one here in MA; do you have any shots of mayflies to share?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I will cut back on # times I reach for the "bottle" and focus on better knots- tight lines to all of you.
  5. I believe I am getting eye irritation from the fly head cements even though I use a water based one. Is there a good product or type that will let me keep the lid on and easily apply cement with little time lost?
  6. Hi Don! So glad you're "back". Know that I and many look forward to your DVD's and whatever else you do in fly tying. See ya' one of these days!
  7. Really like your bird photos of Osprey. I was startled by one last summer fishing the Swift in MA when it came low around a bend holding a fish in its beak--I saw his shadow first and I felt like the prey! Also-what camera did you use and what training have you had with f-stops, and other tech stuff; I use an Olympus totally waterproof digital 6megapixel with 10X zoom--so easy to put in my vest--and get fairly good results. Keep up your photo work-you have the skill! As Thoreau loved to say, Simplify, simplify!]
  8. Looking for best waterproof small digital camera for fishing pics--has anyone used the Olympus 720SW? It only has the one "window" to view your prospective pics--no small viewfinder like other cameras--seems inconvenient maybe in bright sunlight when you are in a hurry to take the shot!
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