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  1. thank you guys for the quick response's they pretty much all answered my questions and im supprised you can get started for so cheap I was assuming it would be in the hundreds ! for those that were wondering my target species would be rainbow trout and different species of salmon !
  2. First id like to start off by saying that I am new to flyting, pretty new to fly fishing, and lastly brand new to flytyingforum. id also like to apologize in advance if something along the line of this thread has been posted before ! I have absolutely no idea about anything in the realm of fly tying except the fact that there expensive to buy in a store and easily lost on the rivers and streams in my area. I would like to help myself as well as fishing buddies by tying my own ! but not only that I feel like fly tying is an art and one that I would enjoy. now to get to the question, what tools and materials do I need in order to start I would appreciate it if it could be in order from most necessary to least so that when I start out I don't have to make unnecessary purchases. lastly if there is any cheapskates like me that would know how to make these tools at home that would be very much appreciated aswell -Anthony
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