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  1. hi, i´m using lead wire (upside down) for depth or micro-bead in the curve of scud - or modified klink-hooks. they are totally covered. greetings thomas
  2. hello, i´m preferring slim nymphs,emergers,klinks and dries #16-20.only for great holes nymphs with #14. nymphs in comp.-style,perdigon and so on. the rest a lot cdc - mix - technique . when i`m through with the "Procedere" of foto-loading i will try to show you some pictures. greetings thomas
  3. hello, my name is thomas and i´m fishing since 52 years --- flytiing - due to an school exchange to an us - family - since 42 years. i`m close to trouts and graylings. have a nice week and best regards thomas
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