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  1. The picture with two flys is my 14 year old sons first flys the the single is my first fly. His are better than mine
  2. I need tools and cement I have vice, a few books, a few hooks and materials enough to get me off the ground. Just tools I am looking to spend $20 - $35 I like the razor blade over scissor thought scissors would be nice but I can buy 100 through my work for about $3
  3. I went to BPS yesterday to buy tools and by the time I bought singles of what I need it was going to add up to more than I am comfortable with. I am currently checking out some Starter sets under $35. I found one for I really like for $19 Im just trying to figure out if its ceramic bobbins or not
  4. Hello all I have been a member here for about a month. Not much posting mainly reading. I have made soft plastic lures and painted hard baits with my son for for a short while. I was given a fly at our States outdoor expo this past September and was mesmerized by the fly have been fascinated by fly tying and flys ever since. I got the Fly Tying Bible for Christmas and checking out another book from the library. I have been reading those two and watching YouTube and Instagram videos. I am trying to take in a local fly tying class but nothing has worked out yet. I was gifted a really nice vice I got today. I have been looking at tools. I read about the $5 wal-mart scissors but unfortunately I can not get everything else I need in the fabric department at wal mart. Post Fly Box has a set for $30 I really like but they are out of stock. Bass Pro has some tools that seem okay but by the time I buy off the shelf all the single items of what I need at my local BPS the cost looks like it is going to add up to more than what I want to spend to start. I have been looking online and nothing really excites me. for various reasons from its more than I need to its single pieces that are going to add up. Id really like to find a good set that wont break the bank. Does anybody have any suggestions? Are the Bass Pro Tools worth it? I am mostly going to be using flys for Blue Gill and trout Any input is appreciated
  5. Hello everyone Im exploring starting to tie flys and stumbled upon this site doing some reading. I have been making plastic lures with my teenage son and enjoy it but have gotten interested in flys since my two favorite species are Blue Gill and Trout. I hope to use this forum on top of the hands on training I am about to get to help me get started and then onward. I look forward to learning from you guys.
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