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  1. some great looking flies in this thread!
  2. yes, i think there maybe... I have 4 days to fish in the morning, then i have a guide for the bonito and jacks one day. so i am thinking i maybe able to find fish from the beach? reds and snook?
  3. Mogup.... you have made it very difficult for me to get any sort of work done today... all i want to do is tie flies and dream of small tuna..... thanks!
  4. I use 1/32, i like the spirit river eyes for this. the bigger question is what hook size? I tie alot on 1/0 and 2/0
  5. hey every one! I am looking for some help, i have never fished for false albies, but i am heading to the gulf to fish for them the first week of march, and i am tying flies like crazy for them, but all more flies are on 1/0 sc15 hooks, and i tied some clousers on 2/0 hooks, ( typical striper flies). should I tie some smaller flies too? what are some Go To flies for the gulf? I am from Maine so its a totally different dynamic.
  6. I tie 1000's of flies a season for some local shops, I use the congo hair for the EP style flies, mix in a little starburst and you have a great combo. I use the Bull Frawg dubbing for crab patterns, ( we have a lot of green crabs here in the NE) I use the Sea Dragon dubbing for a smaller size 10-16 wolly bugger style fly, it looks great in the water, and the micro legs are far more durable then hackle. The flash selection is other worldly, the crystal web is a lot like DNA but a fraction the price and i think the colors are better. I have been using their materials for 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks guys! Appreciate all the input!!! I think I found the market I am going g to Target, again not looking to do this full time, but hey if I make a few bucks, and better yet, some new friends then I would say I am successful! Again thank you and I'll post up the new site with the materials when I am established!
  8. Hey folks! I am toying with the idea of adding tying materials to my Website. I was going to start with 10-12 of my favorite patterns and all the materials needed to tie them. I am thinking i could package the materials as a recipe for the pattern and affiliate it with a you tube channel on how to tie them. I already have the green light on the materials, I have the space to support storing them, and the time to put together the orders. So my question to the masses, is another online store to buy materials worth while or is there too much competition? And what would be something to separate myself from other websites? I plan on having synthetics, flash, hooks, beads, and dubbings. www.oldoakmaine.com
  9. I would be interested in trying the stuff if i could find it. I may have to pick some up with an order on line.
  10. I have made my own brush's on a homemade table to see if it was something i could easily accomplish, and yes i could. so now i am looking into getting the proper set up in hopes that it will streamline my process a bit. i found FTD is the place to purchase materials to experiment with based on cost...
  11. thank you Steve! I do tie some Pike flies, but I tie a lot of Striper flies with brushes, I like simple patterns that I can tie quickly. I will definitely check out Piketrek! thanks for the lead!
  12. Hello! Has anyone played around with the flash blend bait fish brush from " just add H2O"? I use the Ep Brush alot and was wondering how this would compare and if it has any craft fur in it? thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks guys! The hook is a mustad 2/0 hook. Not bent, might just be the angle. Tight lines!
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