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  1. I see people posting green drake nymphs tied in green. there is no green in the nymph and only green in wings of the adult.
  2. Alder fly adult and nymph, forgotten or missed hatch. adult sz 12 nymph sz.12 3x long
  3. I use these joann fabrics, or mcmichaels or shimano, etc.
  4. 12x long trollers for finger lakes
  5. you cant cross pheasant and chickens, I cross chicken breeds though
  6. sandflyx

    Bait fish

    A few 12x long smelts
  7. sandflyx

    Bait fish

    new baitfish with FTD Clyde dubbing
  8. sandflyx

    Bait fish

    I like to know what is in the rivers and lakes where I fish
  9. horse tail makes fine quill bodies and comes in a lot of colors
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