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  1. When I have to use cement I generally use a good quality head cement or sally hanson, One cement I like is Loon hard head, makes a nice shiny head, and be cut with alcohal. Thinned goop is good for wingcases, also vinal cement. I would stay away from water based glues I think in time they break down in time. CA glue is good if you really need to hold a part in place, but I've seen Ca break down also from being in water....... Years ago we used to take some clear vinal, acetone and mix to make cement in quart jars....... did someone say brain damage?
  2. What size hook did you use, They look a little long for rushers....
  3. looks about the size of them, we actually measured one almost 6in. one time, Great fly to use on the Delaware
  4. Thaks all, glad to be here.... I can be found at I.B.S.P. and Lavalette when the bass and blues are in......
  5. Hello, new to this forum, although am on some others. Been fly fishin for 33+ years. I have fished all over the east coast and took a 30 day trip last year to fish out west. I am a fly tyin teacher and casting instructer at an Orvis store. Like to fish the beach and spend most days there. I am retired, and only work part time, so I get to fish at least 4 to 5 days a week. I am single with 2 grown kids who live away from home. ( is that silence ?) If anyone is headed in my direction feel free to contact me for places to fish sandflyx
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