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    Big stuff

    take some heavy thread "E" or "A" and coat with thinned goop (vinyl cement) will make great antennae.
  2. I incorporate the craft fur with my Lasher material to make articulated flies with no wire/braid/mono/etc. swims like a real fish. I dye my own materials (eyelash) for the back half of fly. also a synthetic that I made a dye for.
  3. I do tip dying, 3 color dyes, and am working on some sprayed dye techniques.
  4. clothes dye will wash out. because of the properties of craft fur you are not really dyeing but coloring the outside as dyes will not absorb. I made my own dyes for this purpose (trade secret)
  5. tieing some Iso patterns for this area.
  6. if you are putting to much tension (big hooks) on the jaws you could possibly bend the jaws slightly and then will have problems holding small hooks. to many people put to much tension on hooks.
  7. I like to dye mine to meet my requirements, last pick is the 4" long stuff with flash
  8. They will work for the bass in the finger lakes
  9. I'm a professional tyer and have never had a problem getting his material, no complaints and use a lot of his stuff, all the dubbings congo hair flash materials.
  10. I troll flies all the time for all species. especially on big lakes. its a old way of fly fishing starting in Europe a few hundred years ago. Oh and I use fly rods with different lines for it. make up some leadcore heads to sink to different depths. heavy sink lines work too. I can run down to 30 feet with my setups
  11. Mikechell, they have been trolling flies in new England for trout and salmon for over 200 years, its fly fishing even in the books.
  12. I make my own along with dyeing. synthetic quills
  13. in your photo editing program if you have one, if not get one
  14. I don't have a dislike for any material. raffia I still use it. craft fur since I can dye it now
  15. sounds like you need to run some static guard stuff along your calf body ( dryer sheet)
  16. 6/0 pike fly. front half done with the brush made from fish hair and Angelina hot fix fibers. tail is sparkle yarn rear body is polar chenille (dyed my colors). swims like a fish. no metal shanks.
  17. I have a NuCanoe (dealer) and run with my 110 lb. lab all the time. I run a plastic coffee can (Folgers 10 oz.) with concrete and a piece of chain for calm water and a chunk of 2 x 2 steel hitch bar for white water. never had a problem with the end pulling under as long as there is sufficient length of rope out. I stand in white water also, just how stable these yaks are.
  18. did the same thing back in the early 70's for pike and musky. learned from the tarpon guys in florida
  19. a few of the feather from the papa to my cree, yes he is a 3 crossed bird
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