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  1. also moth balls around the house to keep cats and skunks away
  2. pheasant tails in 12,14, and 16 all done
  3. and for those times when its not always needed. wading belt/utility and shooting basket in one.
  4. been tying 2 days steady on march brown nymphs size 10-14. made up dubbing to match the local waters.
  5. Norm, If you are going to the San Juan river try these. have a customer that says his guide recommends these.sz 20-26 pheasant tail and white z-lon
  6. made up some dubbing to match these in the local water. March brown
  7. always have tied 2 sizes under for hackle makes a better fly, now a days I tie a body and wing of caribou that's it. "caribou caddis"
  8. yeah I need to shoot a couple more soon, used up most of my supple. just happy its an endless supply
  9. IN A GADDA DI VIDA-- play the full version all the time !
  10. have caught pike on a click drag many times, don't over look them
  11. I have the CGR 5'9" 3 wt. and went with a china made reel and line. all china outfit ! great setup for what it is used for pan fish and small trout.
  12. squid, striper bait, and a schoolie fly
  13. Yes it works, for trout, steelhead and warm water. been using a lot of his stuff now. carp love the stuff.
  14. welcome from tioga county
  15. stone fly time 12 doz need to get done
  16. keep doing that and soon there will be no shops left. already because of people going else where a lot of small shops have gone under. I for one have seen a major slowdown in my shop because of it.
  17. I used uni-stretch for the bodies. I use these in 3 sizes for LLS in the finger lakes. these are the larger ones at 5" for trolling the lakes. on the smaller ones I like craft fur and congo hair. any thing to imitate the rainbow smelt works in 3 - 7" long
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