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  1. Any fly pattern that I create and is original then I do name it. Have a great day, Thomas
  2. Hello everyone, This is a very interesting thread that I am enjoying following. I agree with Philly that most folks tie large flies for Bass. I fly fish most of the time for all species of the Sunfish family and use a 3-wt or 4-wt rod and small flies, tied on size 6 and smaller hooks. However I do catch a lot of big Bass while "pan-fishing". The attached photo shows the two dry flies that I catch most of my Bass on when I am fishing for Bass. I use a 4-wt and a 5-wt most of the time with these flies. I fish here on Sam Rayburn lake and the other surrounding lakes which are all warm water lakes. I tie both the Spooky Shad and the Love Frog patterns on Gamakatsu B10S wide gap hooks which I feel give me a better hook set. Not counting the appendages the bodies are all less than one-inch long and I consider that to be a small fly when compared to a 3 or 4-inch casting lure. Have a great day, Thomas
  3. One of my favorite for all panfish is a Tenkara style tied on a Circle hook, this fly is tied on a size 6. Have a great day, Thomas
  4. Great photo of the small rapids on the creek. Looks like a fun place to fly fish. Have a great day, Thomas
  5. Looks really good in the water, should attract many fish. Have a great day, Thomas
  6. Hi Bruce, they look beautiful to me. What size hook? Have a great day, Thomas
  7. Hello timeflies, That pattern works really well, I have tied similar flies on a Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm EWG hook. I use size 4 and 2 with various patterns throwing up in Pepper Grass and around Lilly Pads with good results on Bass and Crappie. Here are two of the flies that I use. The top fly is tied on a 4 hook with 3-D eyes, and the bottom fly is on a 2 hook with lead eyes. Have a great day, Thomas
  8. Flytire those are great looking Gurglers. Thomas
  9. Hey everyone, Here is a photo of my Fly Tying Bench and Potable Tying Box. Have a great day, Thomas
  10. My fly for White and Yellow schooling Bass. Tied on a size 2 Gamakatsu B10S hook. Not very pretty in the vice but it is a winner in the water. On some of these flies I will add several wraps of wire for a bit more weight.
  11. Hi Philly, Great looking flies and both would do quite well here at Ole Sam. The crawfish color always catches fish here on just about every fly pattern. I normally keep 4 Fly Rods on my boat, 2 are 3-wt and the other 2 are 4-wt. When the White and Yellow Bass are schooling I will add a 5-wt up to a 8-wt so that I can throw a big wet fly. A Red on White color scheme is absolutely deadly for both spices of fish. Your White Fly with a Red tail should work great. Thank you for sharing, have a great day Thomas
  12. Hello Vicente, I found the Umpqua at several suppliers. Thanks for the info and have a great day, Thomas
  13. Hey again islander727, It appears you glued or epoxied the Bead in place....is that correct? If so what did you use. That should work just as well on a straight shank hook. Really like that idea, thanks. I returned to the web site that chugbug27 gave to me and ordered several sizes of the tungsten beads along with some of their hooks. Can't wait to tie up some new patterns now. Poor little fish here on Ole Sam don't stand a chance now...he he Thanks to everyone, Thomas
  14. WA5DX

    Jig Patterns

    Hello GG34 I use Jig Hooks a lot and just posted over on the Tying Page about a Bead Head Wooly Bugger Fly on a Jig Hook. One tied on a size 6 jig hook weights .02 ounces ( I just weighted it on a digital scale ). I tie this fly pattern on size 1 down to a 10 and catch a lot Crappie here on Sam Rayburn Lake. Bye the way, I use a 4-wt fly rod on the size 6 and smaller flies. Good luck and have a great day, Thomas
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