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  1. I am not much of a hiker outside of day trips to high mountain lakes (~12 miles round trip). Will drive for some time but also be dropped off; left behind so to speak (by choice haha!) for some time as well. Am also planning a few short hikes and pictures of my position from within the cell phone GPS app. I'll have been there and done that. wink.png


    I like fuzzy details and have kept this trip that way. I have no plan or idea what I will do for many days. A lost soul wondering barren landscapes in search of, nothing. I have a vehicle, my feet, maps, and more moving (and not) fishable water than I can possibly fish in the time I have. The only thing that's certain at this point is where I'll rest my skull at night, assuming I don't get eaten by something smile.png


    I will admit, I have a planned a few things in advance, like tying a ton of flies for any possible fish! biggrin.png

  2. Other than constantly working to improve myself, and possibly in an effort to...I've been working on a pilgrimage and it's almost time to go. Sought one of the loneliest roads in the world, just the wildlife, fish, and myself. Befitting for a fall trip with an attitude to match.


    Hopefully I'll come back new and improved, or at least improved and a little less edgy biggrin.png biggrin.png biggrin.png

  3. 1. Honestly any green bugger/nymph that is sized right should do. I have never found one pattern better than others, when the fish are on them they take anything close it seems.


    2. I think you were spooking the minnnows.


    3. Yes. I use a dropper. Emerger or nymph, which one depends on what's happening. Could be damsel, could be chironomid.


    4. Do you have the money to spend? Will you (and family/pets if you have them) still eat after your purchasing this rod? If yes to both, then why not? If no, then not?



  4. Collection is almost complete. I've never tied up so many flies for a trip, and this isn't all of them!! :D


    I hit the vise as hard in July as I ever have in a short period of time. Usually I need a pattern or three, this time it was numerous patterns, tying flies I've never tied before, and sizes much larger than I'm accustomed to.



  5. Mark, I have a small metal file for sharpening saws that I will likely use (or at least try). Thanks!


    flytire, for the longer (5-6") ones I could leave the front hook on but for smaller (2-3") ones the front hook will interfere with the action (or motion of the ocean as I like to say ;)) and we don't want that! I have never fished articulated flies to be able to tell you if the materials will interfere with the front shank once it's cut. I suppose it should be cut short enough so the trailing hook and materials are able to rotate completely around freely. I'm glad you pointed this out and will test my first couple to ensure it doesn't catch. :)


    whatfly, beadalon...I would never have thought of that. Great tip! Next time this is likely what I'll use. Cheap, flexible, and plentiful, all things I like in tying materials :)



    I used hooks instead of shanks because I had a box of 50 large hooks, purchased very cheap on clearance, that I can't imagine ever using, lol. So I put them to use instead of buying the shanks, which are as expensive as hooks!


    I'll try the file this week and see how good the results are.

  6. Sometimes regular people, especially when we're younger, think we can do things we see others do. Athletics is one of those things. The pros make it look so easy. How many times have you seen someone catch a football from one of those JUGS machines? They put their hands up and the ball hits them in the mitts, perfectly, every single time.


    Easy, right?! biggrin.png biggrin.png biggrin.png


  7. Hello everyone, I have thought, read, and watched videos of different ways to ensure the front sacrificial hook for articulated flies is smooth after clipping it off. Some of the better ideas seems to be:


    1) Use a metal file (small triangle one used for sharpening saws) to smooth/round it

    2) Cover it with thread

    3) Dab some UV resin on it and cure

    4) Put glue on it


    #1 seems to be the best because it involves nothing extra, can be done post tie, and will not come off. The rest lend themselves to failure, #3 and #4 seem like they would fail quickly.



    What method do you use to make sure your rear hook doesn't get nipped off by the sharp end of the sacrificial hook?

  8. This kid has talent! It might be stubborn, prove me right even when I'm wrong talent, but there's something there! biggrin.png


    You must have sound for this one, you can hear him crunching it. And to top it all off, to prove he's right and it's an apple, he TAKES A SECOND BITE!!!!


    This kid is going places!!


  9. Ahh, I didn't think they would fit. Missed the earlier note about the shoe box. I like the simplicity and ease of finding hooks with your setup.


    I made this but it's a pain to get hooks which are behind others and I've outgrown it and need something that holds more.



  10. Ok, maybe not genius...made me lol a bit though :D


    The boat trailer one, well, some people underestimate momentum, their strength, or might just be stupid, who knows. The good thing is we can all have a good laugh about it, appears that no one and nothing was hurt. Kind of like three stooges humor :)

  11. Poopdeck, you are describing bluetooth low energy beacons. That's not nearly as invasive as what amazon, google, and others are doing. The teams aren't literally listening to every word, computers do that, catalog it, etc.!


    Philly, I was only joking anout you instantly starting to receive coupons. However, it's not a secret that voice activation systems are recording everything. I figure by the time it's really useful, I'll be too old to care. :D


    Look up "social credit system" if you want to know what the future will be like. It's actually taking place and no one seems to care.

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