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  1. For those that use your fingers, do you have super smooth and silky hands or do you find that flat thread catches on your dry calloused skin and tears the thread? It might not impact the performance or look of the fly, but I hate it. It's so bad that I have started using more round thread instead of flat. Maybe I should learn how to use one of these tools.
  2. Are you staying (in/around Grand Lake the town? What are you looking to catch? Fly fishing only? How long will you have? How far are you willing to drive? How far are you willing to walk or hike? Are you in shape? Are you coming from low elevation? Just trying to get info to help you with. There are a lot of places to fish in Colorado but it really comes down to your preferences.
  3. This makes me think that some manufacturer's 1x short, standard wire will probably be what I want. tjm, I think you are correct and in addition to some of the points that utyer makes, I'm not going to worry much about trying to find these hooks. I still think it's odd that this combination does not exist. Also, if I passed someone on the way in/out of a place, I would never believe it if someone told me they caught all their fish on a bare gold hook! LoL!! :D Not that I doubt that you have.
  4. Thank you. I did notice you put "old mustad" so I figured there must have been a change at some point. It will be interesting to hear what you find from the eyeball test.
  5. Wow, thank you everyone for the thoughtful replies. I spent some time looking through Mike's link to flyhooks.org (though I did not look at all hooks!), rockworm's script, laughed that Philly is (at least one of) a die hard TMC 101 user , and looked up a lot of the suggestions but it appears that the only hooks listed as standard wire, standard gap, standard shank nymph hooks are the Daiichi 1550 and Eagle Claw Lo60. At least supposedly. The jury is out until a true measurement by measurement comparison can be performed I'm going to put out a hypothesis that these two hooks actually match up with 2x wire of a Tiemco 3796...anyone have them side by side to compare? Also, the Dai Riki equivalent is #070, but is fine wire instead of standard. @chugbug, are you guessing are did you actually compare those hook models? I would hate to order the Daiichi 1550's only to end up with more Tiemco 3769's. @utyer, your response makes sense and provides some explanation and logic behind why a 0xl, 0xh, standard gap nymph hook isn't "standard" and doesn't really make sense...well at least to sane people @silvercreek, excellent advice. I will have to tie some with these wider gap style and see if it seems like I land more. I really like those emerger hooks To those asking why I need such a hook. I don't and can use a lot of the suggestions. I was looking for something heavier than fine wire for strength and lighter than 2x strong for "selective fish" (put in quotes because I don't want to argue if the hook wire gauge matters haha). However, I found it super odd that this combination doesn't exist, it seems like most other combinations do, and I thought I would ask why. In addition, when I looked up hook comparison charts, it led to more confusion because several models do not appear match. If the Daiichi 1550 is truly a 0x (or even a 1x) wire then the Tiemco 3769 should not be equivalent if it is truly 2x...unless Daiichi's 0/1x = Tiemco's 2x, which would be even more confusing. It's quite possible this is just a glitch in the Matrix
  6. I found the Daiichi 1550 and Eagke Claw Lo60, and those only go down to size 18. Does anyone know of an equivalent for a nymph hook in a standard wire? Everthing tells me it should be one of the following but none of them match unless I am misunderstanding something. Mustad 3906 - 3x heavy wire Orvis 167t, which appears to not exist and directs me to Orvis 1641 - 1x short and 2x wire Eagle Claw Lo60 - does not come <#18 Partridge G3A - 1x or 2x heavy wire TMC 100- Searching the forum for which hooks other people use for flies that might call for a standard nymph hook, such as pheasant tails, lead me to the TMC 100 (or 101 for those averse to down eyes), which is a 1x fine wire, dry fly hook. Searching through the fly hook sites and catalogs, I find nothing else. What gives?
  7. What did you use for tails? I love/hate micro fibbets and those do not look like fibbets.
  8. Did you invent this style of fly with wrapping the foam? If not...man you are a pro at this technique!! Didn't someone just ask you about a damsel today?! No matter, these are such nice looking flies that I cannot wait to try some hoppers and others myself. I like the idea of using mono to help keep the shape and you don't have to use the needle method which is an extra step. Does the foam hold up to trout teeth well? Looks awesome. I tried with 2mm foam and too much glue, which turned into a mess. Someday I'll post that pic of that, haha, once I am better at these. Looks like I will order some 1mm foam.
  9. SilverCreek, have you had any issues with your boxes or foam? I cannot believe foam door hangers last forever! I did not do slits and am surprised that the hooks, even larger ones, do not tear it apart. Also, how many of these boxes and tins do you have? Is there anything you would do differently the 2nd time?
  10. I false casted for 5 minutes in a large yard once. To test a rod I was purchasing haha. Those guys that drop a size 30 fly on a dime...they have practiced, a lot...on the river in all conditions. It does not take a $1000 rod, $500 reel, $300 waders, etc. It does not take a perfect stroke, loops, or anything else. Get on the rivers and lakes casting in all conditions. Don't alter your stroke, let it be natural. Sure, take tips, advice, and pointers, learn to double haul, etc...then apply what works or doesn't, to your casting style. I'm positive my cast is sidearm ugly. But it works and I can put flies anywhere I choose because I've done it for years in almost every condition possible. That's the practice you need, not in the yard or field. That's my 10 cents:)
  11. Fyi, it is never a good idea to click on links which go to places you are unsure of. That's how your computer secretly picks up unwanted applications. Trust me on this one. I cannot confirm that site is malicious, but why else would they be spamming it? Furthermore, just because your anti-virus, anti-spam, etc. software did not alert you, it could still be a dangerous site. They only alert on what they know about End PSA
  12. SilverCreek, nice looking boxes, creative use of those tins too! I almost did something similar. What got me to do this system was - wanted to limit myself to 3-4 boxes yet still carry the flies I most commonly needed at that river at that time of year, - ability to change out the built-in chest pack insert to different load outs, sometimes customized to a particular trip/river - allowed me to organize and separate flies better which means I don't carry flies that I will not have a chance at using...for instance, no sense in carrying eggs in July or stoneflies in October (in places that I fish), or my big bushy dries for small creeks do not go on the high pressure tailwater trips.
  13. Mr Wiggles, haha. That looks like it will catch some fish. That cricket is art. Thank you fshng2 for the toothpick tip, round 2 with uv went better and using that instead of a nail or bodkin made all the difference! #14, green uv chironomid
  14. I love trying new things and sharing information. Back in 2008 I created this system and shared it on another forum. It has been a solid storage system for 10 years, never breaking down and never falling apart. Thought I would share here because who doesn't need a new fun project and more and better organized fly storage. Some info might be dated. Hope it helps someone! After deciding I needed a better way to organize my flies I thought of ways to make different "inserts" that would fit into the front pocket of my fishpond chestpack. This way I can swap out inserts based on hatches, rivers, time of year, etc. Along with that I would need fly boxes to hold the inserts because my chest pack only holds one. In addition, I would also need a bigger case to hold the inserts I'm not using at the time. I found the C&F system and Scientific Anglers System X online but both were very expensive. 6 inserts, plus the case and three fly boxes would have cost me $200, and that was just the start. So, I set out to do it much much cheaper (and my inserts are much bigger and longet lasting than the C&F ones). So here's the pics and how I did it....... I found foam door hangers at Hobby Lobby. The foam matched exactly in thickness and density with the foam I already had in my fishpond pack. So I cut them out to match in size, basing the size from the first one that I have: Then for some of them I used a box cutter to cut out the "slats" for fly hooks to be inserted into. I also left some just whole because I seem to like those for certain flies too. As you can see it's all up to you what size and shape you make the cut-outs. The white one it working great for my streamers and wooly buggers. A perfectionist could make these look a lot nicer. Once I cut out the pieces I started looking for something to back them up with for support. It had to be thin, a little flexible but not too much, and cheap. To my astonishment this is what worked best: I found a good use for these signs after all :D Cut out a piece to fit the foam and used gorilla glue to bond them together: Once the glue dried I cut it out and placed 3 velcro strips on the back: Inserts are now done once I repeated those steps a dozen times. Now I had to make the case and fly boxes. I found this felt material with a sticky back for 59 cents a sheet at hobby lobby that attaches to velcro nicely: Also found this clear case (8.99 I think) that I placed the felt material into: The fly boxes I found at sportsmans for $4 each: I ripped the foam out carefully, used a hair dryer to heat up the glue and make it easier, so that I could use that foam for other inserts too: Placed the felt material into the fly boxes: Done. Now all I had to do was start filling it up and making sure the the weight of the flies wouldn't be too much for the smaller strips of velcro. It works!! Here's more pics: After 10 years and 100s of trips, they are still going strong. Have not needed to replace a single piece of velcro or felt. What's more amazing is I still have some of these flies!!!
  15. Used care, hmmm, reminds me of this http://www.pixedge.com/lastmoment How did the thread come to this?
  16. Fun read and lots of information. I prefer these $35 Columbia ones currently, similar style to McFly's: https://www.columbia.com/mens-pfg-terminal-tackle-long-sleeve-tee-FM6094.html?cgid=men-shirts-longsleeve&dwvar_FM6094_variationColor=900 Pros: Lightweight, wicks well, and fast drying. Price. Quality. Bright colors. Cons: No fishing guy or hooks, though they do offer that in an upgraded model Kidding aside, use what's comfortable for you. We all have different skin and react to materials and the sun, as well as other variables, in different ways. Also, things will perform the dfferently in different environments, say dry vs humid. The great thing about having so many options and ever evolving tech is that we get to try new things that might be better with the knowledge and fallback options of the past.
  17. Beautiful flies everyone. Wow. One of these days I will try some of these patterns. I really dig the design of those extended bodies. #22 Black Beauty variation (maybe it's a named fly, I have no idea) #22, RS2 variation:
  18. retrocarp, very nice. I especially like how flawless the hackle and wings look! Olive WD40, #18, extra bushy: Is the tail a bit long on this one? I appreciate the subtleness of the wood duck feather fibers poking out of (or between) the thread wraps. This pic is not as well focused but you can more easily see it. I don't know why I like bushy, olive flies so much. They catch me every time but not as many fish as other colors.
  19. spiralspey, yes this was at a well known lake in Colorado, and yes callibaetis were there as well. Piker20, I believe the last picture is a female chironomid (Chironomidae: Chironomus). I'm no entomologist, maybe someone that is positive will chime in. When I look on Google images the pics that come up are almost spot on.
  20. FishnPhil

    Bug Buffet

    I went fly fishing recently and there was an absolute buffet of bugs for the fish to choose from. I've never seen caddis so small, size #18-20, mixed in with big midges, size 12-14, and chironomids of various sizes mixed in, mostly 12-14. I'm positive there was some BWOs even though it was sunny. Oh, then there are the baitfish situation, minnows everywhere in the shallows, and the standard scuds in normal abundance. Whew. With a smorgasbord like that, what was I doing out there with my pitiful offering? Thought these pics (taken with my Samsung S8+!) turned out ok: Nature is amazing, isn't it?
  21. Wow Buce, just wow. Very nice flies! Few can follow after that so allow me drop the bar waaaaaaay down Needed some large midges, #14, 3XL hooks #14, 2XL hook
  22. Thank you for the advice. I had been using a small nail and found that the resin sticks to it too much, and I just could not achieve a nice smooth coating with it. Will try the toothpick, wonder if the porousness of the toothpick helps in this case. Good tip on putting the resin on the toothpick instead of the fly to get a more precise application...that will come in handy when dabbing on a wing case
  23. Here is my contribution, 3 different Purple UV Chironomids: (1) (2) (3) This is the first one I tried, the body was super thick. Playing with UV resin for the first time. Consistency is clearly not there, hah! Also, I needed to find something to do with these jawbreaker look-a-like beads and like this.
  24. If these are the same then check Montana Fly Company makes them. I have attached pics of the cutter as well as an unsinkable, extremely fast to tie, caddis that has worked for me I like them a lot.
  25. Hi everyone, I live in Colorado and have tied and fished flies off and on for a while. I like tying and using older or forgotten patterns, tying variations on standard stuff, and trying new things.
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