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  1. Hope you can find some relief and get back out fishing
  2. Tell you that's more true now than ever!! Gates are almost finished. Took 4x8 pallets apart and the dimensions worked out perfectly so that one 2x4x8 (a pallet support beam) made one gate frame without any scrap. Since the pallets were 4ft tall, that's how tall the fence slats are. I prefer to limit cuts so that there is less to screw up. Three things left. 1) Attempt to figure out why the top is not even, although the frame is square, the individual gate is level, and the frames across gates are level. This one has me confused. 2) Clean up in front of the gate and plant something grass-like that lives in semi-arid desert and doesn't require much maintenance 3) Install Latch I will not paint or stain, the weather can take care of that
  3. Suppose you are ok with being listened to? All of the tech companies have openly, because people don't seem to care for some reason, admit that they have teams of employees whose sole job is to listen to people's recorded conversations and record the data. So when you mention that you're hungry then receive a coupon on your phone for food, don't be surprised. This can be spun positive or negative but at least everyone should know it is taking place. If you think for a minute they aren't recording other things, you're crazy. Ok, tin foil hate is off I turned the voice activation stuff off and lessen my use of some of this tech, even though I know it's still listening when it's "turned off"
  4. Speaking of talent, check out this new way to attach the boat to your vehicle. Put your back into it!! :D
  5. I didn't see another soul until I left, the water was still quite high, the fishing not so great, the bushwhacking extreme, I must have fallen/tripped 5-6 times, received a 3 inch slit on my wrist and some strange looking bruise like thing on the side of my face. For monster fish, right? All for this: You can see the moon to the left of the 14,000ft+ peak
  6. Whoever makes these is genius! Best viewed with sound. https://vimeo.com/349471326 https://vimeo.com/349470013
  7. I thought the same, the first couple were tricky and slow to tie. I hate having a collar of thread behind the cone so it took a few ties to get better at it. Still not perfect, but I can turn them out pretty fast. I do have a bunch of fuchia, pink, and cerise hareballs from years ago. Earlier this month tied up a couple dozen clousers in various colors (posted in this thread also). Those intruders look cool too, I have some popsicles and flash flies that are similar. Here are the hareballs I tied, I think it was in 2009 IIRC, that I still have. I did a horrible job finishing the thread!! Back then I didn't care at all.
  8. I built two 5ft. gates and a short section of fence using pallets. I had to purchase the hardware and 4x4 posts (one 10ft post cut in half). It turned out like my flies. Functional but a little off.
  9. I use this style for them https://tinyurl.com/y4hdeeyq Makes for quick weight and release without putting my fingers near the toothy mouth or razor gill plates
  10. It's a poem, a sorrowful devotion That I left for you at the bottom of the ocean Virginia Woolf
  11. Should the rest of that saying be, you can't fix stupid... But you can break intelligent ?
  12. You are correct. 99% of reels come left hand retrieve. I know this because I always have to pay attention to make sure it can be changed for me Good thing is most reels are easy to change.
  13. All too real http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqWRaAF6_WY
  14. Wow, yes, they are. Mikechell posted a video a while ago (might have been like 6 months or more) and he holds one close to the camera that is very dark as well. I had never seen them like that. Very cool!
  15. I am right handed, right eye dominant, trigger finger is right, and I reel with my right, therfore cast with my left.
  16. The pink and white which I posted earlier were 5-6 inches long. These are more like 2.5-3 inches. I still need to clip the sacrificial front hook. I could have tied these on a streamer hook but they wouldn't fish the same as articulated.
  17. I might be a bit late, this is what I use for all of my foam (and also for felt to plastic) glue needs:
  18. Very cool Mark. And nice suspenders!!!
  19. I burned a small amount. It sizzled, curled, appeared to melt a bit, and extinguished itself. Unscientifically my hypothesis is incorrect and it appears to be synthetic
  20. Wow Bob, that is money (meaning spot on, solid, full of awesome sauce) information right there. Thank you. I'm sure in the future I'll be tying up more flies with eyes and will take this method as my first option for getting the colors I want. The current flies I have are now tied up, so only options post-tie are available this time. Thank you everyone for the suggestions!
  21. Looks great! I love the color, in the pic it looks almost identical color to my ~15 year old Sage Launch.
  22. Ok, so I can burn a hair or three, of course only for science, and see what happens. What should I expect? TV/Internet videos of peoples' hair catching fire and the childhood memory of it happening to Michael Jackson make me think, if it's real then it will go poof and the fake stuff will just melt. I agree it is one of those two. It is very stiff with a pungent odor, funny enough I thought it felt like hair (from the middle region of ones' body though, lol)...so I'm guess it's the real deal Yak. Will report back
  23. Awesome guitar!!! http://youtu.be/dPwTiwLNJXQ
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