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  1. Last of the clousers, plus I'm out of lead eyes. Finished with a white, white/black with white thread, and 3 olives.
  2. Found in a drawer while looking for clouser materials. Ties great, easy to use, very stiff. Any ideas? Yak hair?
  3. I hit these hard tonight, 4 more to go and I'll be finished.
  4. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I will try a couple of these to see what works best for me. I tied up a bunch of clousers without eyes.
  5. The sticker, or stick on, eyes require a lot of work for me. They do not stick well and using glue or uv resin takes a lot of extra time. While I do like the UV bubble I can put on the outside of the eye, what do you all use for attaching them and keeping them attached? If you don't use stickers, what do you use? How do you attach them? For reference, here is what I've been using: Thank you for advice.
  6. Still tying clousers, size 8 this time. Getting better but still not perfect or close. Too much belly hair I think. Couple white ones and some olive and white. On a positive note, I am happier with my uv resin work. Less mistakes and a more smooth and uniform look. I like it!
  7. All I know is the next time someone gives grief for new fly names being explicit, I will certainly point out the first fly (at the moment) on your blog For something like an icon, you could probably find someone on craig's list. Or try sites like this: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/graphics-design This search shows a lot of sites offering such services (no clue on reviews though) https://www.google.com/search?q=grphic+designer+for+hire&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS821US822&oq=grphic+designer+for+hire&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.5639j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  8. People sometimes use gear heavier to limit the stress on the fish, land it quickly, and get it back swimming as fast as possible. It's better for the fish, while it might not result in a long, drawn out, drag peeling fight, it does result in a faster, more ethical (in my opinion), release...unless you fish for big enough fish, they pull hard no matter how heavy you gear up! I would say if someone is catching large trout (>20", 2lbs+) regularly, and using 7x tippet and 3wt rods, they are likely fighting fish to exhaustion and killing them, even if the fish swims off. Not saying you personally are doing that, but it is a problem in some places. On the flip side, if what you mean is seeing people use 20lb tippet for 12" trout...then I totally agree, that's a bit overkill!!! Seems like there should be some Bruce Lee quote about balance inserted here
  9. I couldn't say the other opinions are flawed without admitting that mine is. All of our opinions are, or are not, haha, depending on how you look at it. We're all so full of bias and experience, and as we get older it's harder to fight. Anyways you guys deal enough with my phil-o-sophical posts in the lodge, so I won't sidetrack this thread now. But please all remember my posts are almost always meant in fun and humor. That's my Thursday Zen moment Flicted, your username makes me laugh every time. reminds me of I'm not conflicted, just a little flicted So, back to the topic, I would agree that for a new tier the subscriptions might not be as beneficial. The types of boxes I received had items targeting people who were advanced, for sure. I disagree about the fly tying kits, my first cheap one gave me the tools/materials needed and taught me to tie the initial flies needed (pheasant tail, hare's ear, wooly bugger) but that's just my opinion and likely the result of the kit that I purchased relative to where I live (those flies are useful in Colorado). I still have some of the hooks but all of the other materials have been used.
  10. Have never tied, or fished, these before. The latter should change in the future. Tried to follow Bob's video here: https://www.wideopenspaces.com/learn-tie-clouser-minnow-legend-bob-clouser-video/
  11. Favorite flies to tie at the moment... WD40 Chironomid Pheasant tails I try different materials and colors for variation
  12. This place advertises exactly what you need, if it's available in your area: https://www.takl.com/ Have not read reviews
  13. Wait a minute, isn't the whole idea of these boxes to try new things and recieve items you might not ordinarily purchase? If so, then I think the opinions here are flawed! Since I haven't done the fly box one but have received one for my dogs and one for hiking/camping...based on those I received some really really cool new things, tried food and drinks, and generally enjoyed receiving things I would never have purchased otherwise. Eventually I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff and ended the subscriptions. I would do it again. I don't do the fly boxes because I have more fly tying materials than I need already!! If your goal is to get random materials, new possibly innovative items, and try new things, then a fly box subscription might be right for you. That's my flawed opinion
  14. I'm with you Joe, except I definitely let out a few curse words, then laugh.
  15. Well that's just it Mike, some would tell you these lakes grow like that all year, which as you said for out here, really are all gems. But like anything, timing, fly selection, location, and all those variables matter. And luck!! Don't envy winter? Omg...looking down a 10" ice hole, seeing 15ft down, watching fish like these crush your offerings, inside a heated tent, fish finder, you know...roughing it hahah, is pretty fun when it all avtually comes together. Fishing here, it is a constant changing of things, not just seasons. It keeps things fresh that way!
  16. Haha, they don't go hungry eh? It's not confirmed, but I've heard that fish in this lake grow at almost an inch per month (could be just a fishermans' myth, haha) on average due to a plethora of insects and amphipoda, wait are they insects too? Either way, there are a ton of bugs everywhere and the trout love 'em!! :D
  17. I don't care to handle fish much these days and generally try to unhook and release as fast as possible keeping the fish in the water, but still, once in a while, I cannot resist getting a better pic. Like this one: Here's what I usually opt for instead: This guy had a funky eye, but that doesn't appear to stop him from eating: Had to break out the larger boat net! :D
  18. Thanks Mark. The red flies didn't turn out at all, I'm super disappointed. When wet, they should appear black with a red sheen, think I used too much dubbing and maybe even too thick of thread. Will try again but for now I gotta get back to dollys, clousers, and big stuff.
  19. Mike... Vicrider, the gills are known for their epic benders...
  20. Still tying larger than average, for me, sized flies. When the rivers are rocking flow wise the lakes are rocking in a different way!!
  21. FishnPhil

    Happy 4th

    Who will win? Some unorganized farmers with outdated weapons and limited ammo who are simply tired of taxes and religion, or the strongest monarchy with the largest, smartest, most advanced military in the world? Hah!
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