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  1. You can count on me Mike! LoL, though not much conspiracy... Too bad all of the alcohol didn't burn. Sure doesn't make me sad when crappy things happen to businesses that make their money through the direct, purposeful indoctrination and suffering of others, on the backs of the poor, while destroying lives and families, eff em!
  2. Make your own...http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=87201
  3. Thanks Joe, tied them to take my dad out and the fish cooperated!
  4. My flies are generally not very nice, haha, but I post. Has led to receiving some really awesome advice, tips, and tricks. Mty1, I was definitely humbled after doing close ups and zooming in on my flies, lol! I tried up some for lake fishing, some with Solarez, some plain...
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    Ran across this, not sure where it is from
  6. Have fun, Cordova is awesome!! The sockeyes should be thick, can't wait to se pics. Where are you staying?
  7. Even a local shop has some, saw them a couple of weeks ago. Those bright green should make for good caddis nymphs
  8. The comments were better than the music, but that's just my opinion. I mean there are a lot a reeeeaaaally funny comments. Made me lol :D
  9. FishnPhil


    Keep your mouth closed while fishing this hatch!
  10. I do not believe it's within our own comprehension to understand what humankind is capable of. What is easy to believe is, we are ingrained with thoughts that there should be and are limitations. We are repeatedly setup to have this reinforced. Then when we meet those lowered expectations and present that as evidence of the limitation itself. It's silly if you ask me, there are no limitations, believe it or not. Why is this true? History tells us so! We are constantly exceeding our expectations and breaking the "limits" we think exist. Years ago, no one will ever reach the moon, the earth was flat, witches should burn, etc. were viewed as "facts". Supposing reality is likely some mixture of these theories, we cannot argue there have been major catastrophic events in the history of earth that have made it the way it is. Whether a higher being created earth, or if it created itself (big bang), the likelihood that we are the only ones to be created, well how can we be so arrogant to think only we could evolve? That thought makes me laugh and reminds me that our self centered thought processes are probably why the ETs left us behind. Wonder why UFOs all look like these saucers. Seems more believable that a single species developed a flying saucer, but if we are to think we are being visited by many ETs, then it would make sense they come in many types, shapes, sizes, etc. of vehicles, wouldn't it? Unless there is some intergalactic travel specifications approved by an ET board of directors of space travel. Hmmmmmm.
  11. What are you working on, well that's a really deep question, I hope we are all working on bettering ourselves every day! Aren't we all just reactions to the bad parts of ourselves?
  12. I enjoy songs that tell stories, think I've repeated that several times in this thread. This one reminds me of days long gone At minute 3:06 begins one of the best bass solos... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4OhIU-PmB8
  13. Ok, enough concerning the blight of humanity, let's get this back on topic....ETs existing or not...fellow fly tiers want to know!! Here are some excellent thoughts around that, including an "ant-like" theory.
  14. Always thought this was an interesting monologue on humans and applied to this conversation...why ETs would not visit, but would in fact run from us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOi6v5DD_1M
  15. I found an excellent page and it should be bookmarked on my other device, will try to look. If I remember correctly, it was something like this: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/processing-quail-pictures-warning-graphic.129174/ If you google something like, "how to process quail", there are a lot videos too.
  16. That's an old show, I think his superpower is sarcasm From the sounds of it you have seen the doctor, that looks disgusting (in a you need to see a doctor kind of way)! :D
  17. Mike, I have no idea of what is true or real, I like exploring theories and thinking about them though You are assuming that mining means the same thing to us as it did to them, maybe I should use a different word but point being we are a "tool" species left behind. We don't know what the earth was like a long, long, long time ago, even though we theorize it's still theories. Therefore we cannot comprehend what might have existed, especially if it's not within the scope of our understanding. What if fossil fuels we mine today are leftover byproducts of what was taken. What if mining was simply removing what was on earth's surface at that time, or on a larger scale what if by mining ETs were able to move tectonic plates and capture the energy (maybe that's why Pangea become and is not more!). We tend to think in terms of what we know, but if we take all of that away, then the possibilities become endless (I don't mean we take away all the logic, lol!). There are so many things we do not know exist let alone understand, then there are many many things we think exists but do not understand (dark energy / black matter / etc. as examples), that it's completely possible.
  18. Last of the rainy weekend flies, it's about 6" long, maybe a little longer.
  19. Mike, what if we are "their" slaves? Brought alongside them to help mine the planet before they left, with us on it, the idiot species built for this place, to do manual labor under strict guidance (which humans do quite well), requiring food readily available on this planet, who reproduces for many years, quickly and willingly lol, etc. We might not be "them" but "they" could have left us here, and here we are, stuck, forever!!
  20. If ETs came, they would lol and fly away. What if we are ants and there is something else on a higher level, comparatively, like humans. Now back in our reality, do you think the ants can see us? They don't move when I approach or react to me, they react to stimli which I introduce, but not me. It's like they don't even know I exist. Strange, eh? We like to think we are on top of the food chain and the smartest species, maybe ants do as well.
  21. Thinking that the government, or similar organization, will protect you is unwise. People die from jobs and still willingly take them, so I don't believe that either. Sniffing glue, or like chemicals in nail polish, nail polish remover, and the like, is probably not good for you, let's all agree there lol. Is the water based stuff really any safer or just less smelly? Unless you are tying 1000s of flies in a small enclosed room, like a closet, then I would think you are ok.
  22. For years all of my lines came with a loop which has worked fine until I replace the line. However, if a loop was no longer functional or if I purchase line without the loop, and considering I change entire leaders once per year at most, I would just nail knot the leader to the fly line and zap it with solarez. Do you guys change entire leaders that often? Guess I assumed most people rebuild leaders as they shorten.
  23. Trying to finish off the ESLs plus some other stuff. Rainy and cold weekend means time to tie. Black hides mistakes nicely... Pink is always hot, bigguns for bigguns, smalluns for spookier fish Ties up some of these flesh flies also... Closer view of a black esl...
  24. A little Friday humor... Allow me to introduce the Swagger Wagon from Toyota (this is a real advertisement!) And you know it's about tea time
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