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  1. Here's a good size trout I got on an all white "Baboon"
  2. Tony, The guide who came up it, because he could not get red fish to hit a fly that just sat in front of him, and that is what he came up with. Try it in tan body and tan tail made out of polor fiber, realy soak the yarn with head cement to almost make it hard. I have been tying them in brown for the winter reds over here. Good Luck
  3. Nice fly, like the idea, hope you don't mind if I give it a try.
  4. Tony take a look at my site, it's not much but I have a couple of flies that I tie with that line of products
  5. I one I tied looks good but does ride like a clouser would, I am going to try some type of wire around the eyes to get it right. I'll let you know.
  6. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, Tony that is "flash 'n slinky" made by the company"Just Add H2O". I have local shop that has it, but I have see in a couple others here in Florida.
  7. You have to get them at a local shop. "Waspi" is the company that has them, you will have to find a dealer in you area, the shop I deal with does not do mail order.
  8. You should try a rooster saddle hackle, or rooster neck hackle and look at them before you buy, I mean open the pack and look at the feathers. I have gotten stung by not looking that close. Some of these things get up there price.
  9. they look like plastic, but sound like glass
  10. Just picked up some new eyes that are shaped like dumbbells and rattle. I see what they do. Take a look.
  11. Philly, got that one and love it. I have used some of his epoxy techniques on my saltwater flies, and have found real useful in keeping epoxy from yellowing.
  12. I didn't put that much into it, the doors on the top are off a old TV cabinet, the mid section is the sides of the cabinet made into six compartments, the desk section is and old dresser with the lower draws cut out. I re-finsh old furniture on the side for a local dealer, thats where I get everything.
  13. CaptEd221


    I did use an X-acto knife for a while, then someone gave me a scalpel with some extra blades, I will never go back.
  14. I from SW Florida, my stepson lives up in Winter Springs just outside Orlando. He goes out ever weekend he can, over to the Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Area I have been there a couple of times. Great fly fishing flats trout, reds are the biggest thing over there. It's good to have a boat. But a canoe or kayak will do, I have 15ft canoe with trolling motor gets us around real good, and we catch fish.
  15. I envy you guys up north sometimes, with the location of all the fly tying expos and such. Saltwater tying has not taken off that good yet, give it time. I have A.K. book Advanced Fly tying and love it. I have used it to come up with some flies of my own and techniques for saltwater tying.
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