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  1. That's all awesome! Trying to get my wife into waders too.
  2. Thanks Mike! And thank you for your service (as a marine). We love what we do - it's a privilege. Kids are in a world of trouble and they will be running this place really soon. Any assistance would be an honor. The Presumpscot River near me has been a lot of fun this spring to fish and I've been tying just simple patterns the Brookies have been taking. Olive green squirrel zonkers & UV cactus chenille buggers. But I'd like to get better at dries and the little things that require patience and a little more "inner cussing". Attached a recent catch.
  3. Hey all. I'm from Maine. Some of my favorite and oldest memories are of fishing. I love taking my boys fishing - there's nothing like seeing their face when they have a fish on and then when it's been landed. My wife and I run an outdoor education & survival school for kids FoxTrickAdventures.com and we teach kids fly tying, fire skills, map & compass, guide hikes, cooking, navigation, stove craft etc etc - I'm a Maine Guide. If you're interested in helping support our cause please PM me for more info. Thanks! Anyhow - Looking to improve my fly tying and figured this is probably a great resource. Thanks!
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