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  1. Well, I went ahead and bought one of Kelly Galloup's hair stackers. I got the small in black and gold (even though I ordered the gold and black). It just came today, but I think it is going to be a very good tool, since I only tie size 14 on down. It is made completely of metal, so has a nice heft to it. It is small, about the size of a quarter. The design is really creative, especially if you tie with small hair. At first I was disappointed with the color mix-up, but as I have played with the stacker, I am actually happy with color combo I received. With the gold on the bottom where the window is, the contrast makes any color hair, and tips very visible. If it were black, I am afraid that very dark hair tips would be much harder to see. I believe I have just retired the Renzetti.
  2. Thanks for the tip, it is a very clever solution to the problem.
  3. Two questions, DarrellP, what does Tylenol have to do with anything? Where is this advice coming from, especially when we know how toxic Tylenol can be? Poopdeck, you said, "Come the end of the month they better not extend this craziness." What if they do? What is your plan of recourse?
  4. I also book marked it for later. I have looked through the article a few times, and I cannot find attribution for the author. I know a response indicated that "Jay" was thorough, but who is Jay, did he write the article? Not being a member of the club, I have no idea who wrote this very detailed, exhaustive study. It is just too much work to be offerd withouit any recognition for the author.
  5. Check out Stonfo's tools. https://stonfo.com/en/c/tying-tools/index.html
  6. Cloves can be a bit expensive, but the best place to buy them is at a store that sells herbs and spices in bulk. How many to use is really not answerable. It depends on the size of the drawer/container. But, you want to be able to smell the cloves yourself. The stronger the odor the more protection you will have as it is the odor itself that is keeping the bigs away, not a foreign chemical repellant. The loss of odor is also your cue to replace the cloves.
  7. I honestly believe that the athletes of Cirque du Soleil have extended the boundaries of human performance. Thanks for posting.
  8. Cloves will do the trick, but they lose their effectiveness over time. Make sure you replace them at least once a year.
  9. Grampa, I went to Wikipedia to find the answer to your question but was shocked to find that A.K. Best has no mention, other than co-author on couple of John Gierach's books. You would think a person with Mr. Best's talents and reputation would have his own page.
  10. I would be curious if the plastic stacker from Loon would cause a static electricity charge on the hair? I have the Renzetti stackers, but I really like the Galloup hair stacker. I have a couple of Renzettis in at least three different sizes. If anyone is interested, I would trade all three Renzettis for one of the Galloup stackers.
  11. Loctite Super Glue is the best you can buy. It comes in a spill-proof bottle, and because of the bottle design it will last much, much longer than other super glues without drying out. A unique feature of the bottle is the way it is designed. You squeeze the sides of the bottle to bring the glue out the tip of the nozzle. It doesn't pour like other bottles. Try it, you won't use anything else as it is truly a better product than the competition. No affiliation.
  12. I stand the tubes vertically, along the wall in a closet. Just line the closet wall(s) with your best rods. That way you have an environment that is the same as your house and it really doesn't take up much room..
  13. If you want good magnifiers, go to one of those cheap eyeglass places and get a pair of single vision glasses. Have the optician give you a prescription for glasses that are correct for working close (12-15 inches). Yes, they cost more than what you will pay at the drug store. BUT, and this is a big but - they will be correct for your eyes. Two things to consider that a prescription will take care that regular reading glasses can't. First, with a prescription you will probably find that one eye requires a different diopter than the other. Secondly, the glasses will be made so they are the correct inter pupillary distance. This measurement is important. When you use binoculars and spread them apart, or close them together to get a complete circular field of vision, you have adjusted them correctly for your inter pupillary distance. Also, they will probably have a lens that has a higher optical grade plastic with fewer distortions. Real glasses will give better results and far less fatiguing.
  14. I don't know anything about the Brown family line. I never knew him, but Dick Brown died last year. He was a prolific poster on another forum. Was totally passionate about fly fishing, especially around Sanibel Island, where he had a condo he lived in part of the year. I think he had a good sense of humor too. He posted using the name, Bonefish Dick.
  15. Thanks to all who took the time to respond.
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