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  1. Is everyone fishing and hunting? Football and baseball? It seems quiet on the forum. I was gone for a month and now it seems to have lost its liveliness. Am I wrong?
  2. I consider this a go. If no more sign, or less than 7, vicrider and I will tie 2 sets. Anyone else who wants to tie two sets please do so.
  3. Some of you guys are tying great Steelhead flies. Why don't you join the Steelhead and Salmon swap?
  4. People in other parts of the country cannot imagine a hurricane and the flooding. Out west we have fire worries and drought. Both can cause heat stroke. Stay safe!
  5. Those miles are nice! What do you use for gills?
  6. I like that one, Kim. I am a suckered for soft hackles.
  7. I am back from Elk hunting and ready to host another swap. (The Elk are safe, none in bow range) Classic hair wing, feather wing or Spey type fly. Due in 6 weeks, October 25th. Mail with self addressed stamped envelope in suitable return container . Small poly bags for your flies are fine, if you like. First 12 participants. Mail to Dr. Darrell Phillips 7890 NW Westside Rd Carlton, OR 97111 1. Stabgnid 2. Johnw1986 3. Atxdiscgolfer 4. Vicrider 5. Hopperfisher 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  8. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys who live on the gulf. Chug, I hope you got out of New Orleans. Crazy that this one is hitting on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina 🌀.
  9. I like the native plant approach. In the PNW we have so many vibrant plants growing wild that can be domesticated. Even in the drought they are brilliant. As for climate change, the science seems compelling enough. I personally think that alot of the problem with increased CO2 is loss of trees and phytoplankton in some areas. Trying to get people to change is not going to be effective. Technology will have to come to the rescue. The only way to fix any of this is to make it economically viable. I don't mean by draconian taxes. I mean by finding a way to make doing the right thing for the environment profitable. Since I was a kid the population has more than doubled. We are nearing the carrying capacity of the planet. We will see more catastrophies as we go. I have been surprised and saddened by the anti-science and anti-vaccination crowd. In my opinion if you don't want to get vaccinated that is your business, but you should not be allowed to burden the hospital if you get sick. The same medical science treats the sick as made the vaccines. The US tried to deal with pollution by sending those industries to places with no regulations. We need to quit crapping in our nest. As far as preserving the environment goes, hunters and anglers have been providing the vast majority of the effective solutions. I am proud to be a "hook and bullet" conservationist. Sorry for the rant!
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