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  1. Love these wet flies. I need some time to tie.
  2. Squirrel is slippery. It sometimes makes me say NSFW words.
  3. Be careful what you write. Kathy will kick your butt!
  4. I wish to change my fly to a Klinkhamer by Hans Von Klinken
  5. I will tie an Elk Hair Caddis by AL Troth
  6. DD, your on a killing spree
  7. Dflanagan, love those old MOM Bass flies
  8. Every dog you have, you will outlive. Except the last one.
  9. Killer streamers, Science guy and Prime fly. Norm, those Salmon flies are beauties.
  10. Norm, I like the wet wasp a lot!
  11. The only issue that I see is that trout and salmonids mostly nip and Bass inhale. It might get too deep and gill hook, but probably not.
  12. Chug, I like you bobbin soln.
  13. I will respect the 12 limit from now on. I view it as a fun exercise and thought, "what's one more fly?" Sorry I upset y'all.
  14. I wish I could. Too far. Going to the Oregon Expo.
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