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  1. I like the native plant approach. In the PNW we have so many vibrant plants growing wild that can be domesticated.  Even in the drought they are brilliant.  

    As for climate change, the science seems compelling enough.  I personally think that alot of the problem with increased CO2 is loss of trees and phytoplankton in some areas. 

    Trying to get people to change is not going to be effective.   Technology will have to come to the rescue.  The only way to fix any of this is to make it economically viable.  I don't mean by draconian taxes.  I mean by finding a way to make doing the right thing for the environment profitable.

    Since I was a kid the population has more than doubled.  We are nearing the carrying capacity of the planet. We will see more catastrophies as we go.  I have been surprised and saddened by the anti-science and anti-vaccination crowd.  In my opinion if you don't want to get vaccinated that is your business, but you should not be allowed to burden the hospital if you get sick.  The same medical science treats the sick as made the vaccines.

    The US tried to deal with pollution by sending those industries to places with no regulations.  We need to quit crapping in our nest.

    As far as preserving the environment goes, hunters and anglers have been providing the vast majority of the effective solutions.  I am proud to be a "hook and bullet" conservationist.

    Sorry for the rant!

  2. 23 hours ago, flytire said:

    Moose Mane Caddis.JPG

    Moose Mane Caddis

    (Skunk Hair Caddis Variation)

    Hook - 2XL nymph or curved nymph hook

    Weight - Lead/lead free wire

    Thread - Black

    *Body - Black skunk tail hairs, twisted

    Ribbing - Copper wire tied in at the head and wrapped rearward and then back over the body

    Hackle - Soft black hen, one or two turns

    A Charles Brook fly pattern
    *I didn't have skunk hair and not about to buy any so I substituted moos mane
    Try different color bucktail for different color caddis


    I saw a dead skunk in the road yesterday....I decided that I don't need anything that bad.

  3. I have enjoyed swaps and hosting swaps.  However, I need to take a break.  I am remodeling a house, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I have to deal with that.  I have an Elk hunt coming up and have to practice with my bow, etc.  But mainly, I am tired of people sending flies late or not at all, and others putting cash in the envelope rather than applying postage.  Also, i am not happy with my tying right now.  I enjoy seeing what you guys tie and I have kept some for patterns.  You guys tie so well.

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