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  1. I am so glad that we still have the same guy running the post office. Somehow letters from the IRS get through, but not checks. Or flies.
  2. Landon, the bottom fly is perfectly proportioned imho
  3. Very clever tie. I like your choice of feathers. There seems to be no end to what can be tied using pheasant.
  4. DarrellP

    Big midge

    Great photo! Thanks for posting.
  5. Johnw1986 received his. I guess they are trickling in.
  6. CPHubert got his. Vicrider did not yet. Please post or pm me when you get yours. I don't understand why some arrived and some were delayed.
  7. I mailed on the 14th. Kim got his on the 25th in NY from Oregon. I wonder if anyone else got theirs?
  8. I don't understand this. I mailed them from the same place on the same day. Kim got his. There was an altercation at the post office that day and a policewoman was hit by a female person that had been asked to leave. But I put them in a drop box.
  9. None were returned. Weird. All were mailed on the same day.
  10. If it sticks up more than you like, you can wear tight toward the eye with loose wraps as you go towards the hook. Deer hair flares more than Buckhalter due to being hollow. The tighter you wrap, the more it flairs (sticks up).
  11. CPHubert, if you want my spot, I can sit this one out.
  12. What size do you carry for trout? I am talking about simple flies like Partridge and Orange.
  13. Great. I look forward to seeing them!
  14. I have found that the Cajun Coachman and a McGinty with a white calf tail wing are my best flies for Gills, followed closely by an all black nymph with a black bead head and pearl flashabou rib.
  15. I love the white Miller caddis, Scott
  16. That would solve the mess I have in my bag.
  17. I also sent Steve-Stabgnid's pheasant flies out with this swap to those who were in that swap. I am remodeling a house and living in it. I think the Stonefly swap will be my last to host for a while until I get some chaos reigned in. Steve, I apologize that I keep messing up. You are an amazing tyer that I look up to as someone I admire and learn from.
  18. Yours were sent out. I don't know how I missed getting one for myself.
  19. Stonefly made from mostly Fly Tyers Dungeon parts loosely based on Kauffman's Stonefly Nymph crossed with a Girdle bug or something #6 2x long generic barbless Nymph hook Weight 0.3 lead tied on sides of hook 10/0 vevus thread Abdomen:black PIP fibers wrapped Rib: black larva lace or bug legs Thorax: Black Arctic Snow in a dubbing loop Wing pad: black Swiss straw or raffia
  20. Cool. I have developed a 100% synthetic version of the Kauffman stone made almost entirely from Fly Tyers Dungeon materials. Hook #6 barbless nymph 2x long Thread 10/0 vevus black underbody lead tied on sides of hook 0.3 Tail and antenna FTD Bug legs black Abdomen black FTD PIP post material wrapped Legs black rubber or bug legs. Rubber on this one. Rib, black vinyl tubing by larva lace. Bug legs could substitute Thorax FTD black snow in dubbing loop Wing pad black Swiss straw
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