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  1. Stonefly made from mostly Fly Tyers Dungeon parts loosely based on Kauffman's Stonefly Nymph crossed with a Girdle bug or something #6 2x long generic barbless Nymph hook Weight 0.3 lead tied on sides of hook 10/0 vevus thread Abdomen:black PIP fibers wrapped Rib: black larva lace or bug legs Thorax: Black Arctic Snow in a dubbing loop Wing pad: black Swiss straw or raffia
  2. Cool. I have developed a 100% synthetic version of the Kauffman stone made almost entirely from Fly Tyers Dungeon materials. Hook #6 barbless nymph 2x long Thread 10/0 vevus black underbody lead tied on sides of hook 0.3 Tail and antenna FTD Bug legs black Abdomen black FTD PIP post material wrapped Legs black rubber or bug legs. Rubber on this one. Rib, black vinyl tubing by larva lace. Bug legs could substitute Thorax FTD black snow in dubbing loop Wing pad black Swiss straw
  3. Hey, I live in Oregon. It is legal here. Anyway, I would like to host a Stonefly Nymph swap. Send 12 of your favorite Stonefly nymph pattern, with toe tags 12 swappers. Due June 30th (6 weeks). Mail with a return, self addressed STAMPED envelope to Darrell Phillips 7890 NW Westside Rd Carlton, OR. 97111 1. Woodenlegs. RECEIVED 2. Chasing tails. RECEIVED 3. Johnw1986 RECEIVED 4. Vicrider RECEIVED 5. Stabgnid 6. WWKimba RECEIVED 7. Flytire. RECEIVED 8. Mkresio 9. Micmac1. RECEIVED 10. FishingBobNelson RECEIVED 11. Psychoprince 12. Dogfacedoc. RECEIVED
  4. I enjoy hosting swaps. However, two big frustrations for me are: 1. when swappers send cash for postage which means I have to stand in line at the post office. 2. When the boxes are tiny. It makes it hard to not crush the flies. Send a fairly large open box, maybe 3x4 or so. It would be awesome if each person would photograph their fly and put it on the swap thread along with a recipe rather than type up the recipe and attach to the fly. Just my 5 cents. Sorry if this seems like a rant, but it is hard to get to the post office on my lunch break.
  5. Normally you tie one of the same pattern for each person (usually 12) in the swap. Then you get one back from each person. Each person gets at least 12 flies, some tie an extra, some send little gifts, etc. Watch for a swap to join and read the rules.
  6. We all have times when life interferes. He let me know he was going to be late due to some life stuff. Anyway I thought he was sending them, but I guess not. They are packaged and going out today. Sorry for the delay. For future swaps I will send them out within 3 days of deadline date. The flies are great! Johnw1986 included some foam for everyone. There are going to be two extra sets. I am sending them to Nick Szabo for a Reel Recovery donation.
  7. Thanks for this posting. Being an SM is fun and rewarding as long as everyone follows the rules. It has been a tough and weird year and this is a fun outlet. However, don't sign up if you aren't going to participate. It is frustrating 😒 when people are late or take up a space someone else would have enjoyed.
  8. Mark, that is crazy. Great work!
  9. I like this fly. Use it in stillwater
  10. One more set due and I will distribute the flies. These are fun flies. Makes me want to go fishing for Bluegill!
  11. I cannot type. My wife thinks fishing for a fish that you "just throw back" is a great waste of time. So maybe it was a Freudian slip. I told her that growing flowers that you can't eat was a waste of time, too. She said that was different.
  12. One more set due and I will distribute the flies. Food job guys!
  13. The rib is just an overlay of thread. I did not do that consistently. 😐 Thanks for the kind words
  14. Partridge and orange. Pearsall silk
  15. Partridge and orange. Pearsall's silk
  16. Flytire, can you list the materials used?
  17. I will join. Some kind of soft hackle.
  18. For summer Steelhead, black wing flies, white wing flies. For winter, intruders. Purple, black, pink, orange are popular Steelhead colors. Egg sucking WB seem popular. Big muddlers
  19. Joining this discussion late. Some overlay the hair tail with GP tippet.
  20. Capt Bob's point is well taken. If you see a fly that you want to tie, buy it for a pattern. That is what us less professional tiers do.
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