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  1. Do you use Glue under your body wrap, over shell backs on nymphs, over your initial knot? I seem to only use it on the heads or for dumbell and bead chain eyes or poppers. I don't use it at all on bluegill nymphs, since the Wilson's say big bream are sensitive to the smell. I just double whip finish those. I would like to hear your thoughts.
  2. The McGinty is my second best bluegill pattern, behind the cajun coachman.
  3. I used to tie that pattern! Not the easiest, but cool looking. Good job.
  4. Now you got me thinking... I live on a Good crappie lake, but have not targeted them.
  5. I encourage you to continue. While your proportions are a little off-the wing is longer than classic proportions-that is okay if there is a reason for it. Changing a fly should solve a problem. Bass fishermen often "overdress" their flies to attract the fish's attention. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  6. I have heard of guys who only use a parachute Adams or a Royal Wuff, period. I know other guys who carry a bunch of fly boxes. I am a bit of a hoarder of feathers, myself, and get bored tying the same flies.
  7. I am amazed by your craftsmanship. And for a great cause.
  8. Excellent work! Every tyer works differently. You might need a place to put more flies for head cement to dry.
  9. DarrellP


    Would poppers, Clousers or Buggers be suitable?
  10. Lately I have been tying in my recliner with a portable tying station, while I watch the Braves play. Not ideal, but okay. Mostly streamers.
  11. We wrap our contact areas with hospital tape. It works for a while. Then replace.
  12. I have used the Feather Craft leaders with tippet rings and love them for poppers.
  13. In my kayak I wrap leaders around a piece of pool noodle with a cut to hang loop the knot in. Stick the knot in the cut, wrap, hook, done. I find myself using streamers more and more because I can see them. I don't have MD so I can't imagine how bad that is. My vision is just slowly getting to where I have trouble tying on anything smaller than a size 12, even with glasses. So, I tie up some leaders at home with my magnifier when going small. Mostly I fish warm water or salt, which of course helps, because of the larger flies. Maybe he should try streamers?
  14. Rent a kayak and fish the lagoon opposite the beach. Fish shoreline breaks. Clousers and poppers.
  15. If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use. I think Lefty said that
  16. I have tried a lot of threads. I settled on Uni. I mostly tie size 12 or larger as I tie for Salt, Warm water and Steelhead. I can't see tiny stuff antmore. McPhail uses 8/0 Uni for most of his demos.
  17. I agree with the above statements. The lighter the line, the more line (out) it takes to load the rod.
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