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  1. Just kidding. I'll bet Bob Lemay knows, for salt flies at least. I know that the more experienced you are the less thread you need.
  2. Thanks everyone for your quick responses. Our swap is full. I look forward to seeing your work.
  3. I haven't noticed any post from him in a while. He used to be really active.
  4. I tie for all of these because I have lived in different places. Get some Chinille, strung neck hackle and some Buckhalter for salt and bass. Add some popping bodies and some eyes. For Trout and panfish see the above lists. Plus rubber or silicone legs.
  5. These are all good advice. Tying for Bass is somewhat different from Salt, but the cross over. Some larger Trout flies work for Bass, and some Bass and Salt work for Pike. Trout flies and panfish cross over. Salmon and Steelhead are a bit different but there is some crossover with Salt, trout and Bass. I recommend that you start with Wooly worms and Wooly Buggers. Fairly simple, cheap and effective. Then work your way up (Bass, Salt) or down(Trout and Panfish). Work on thread control, durability and proportion. Compare to the photos.
  6. Well I hope you stay. These swaps are fun. There are so many flies that use pheasant
  7. Scott, I hadn't realized it until you said you were bringing Whiting Farms to their knees that you almost never use dry fly hackle. You certainly have spinning deer hair down pat!
  8. I consider 6 a quorum (including me). so the swap in on. Hopefully another 7 people will sign up. I look forward to seeing what we all do. I am going to try a Doc Spratley. It seems to be big deal out here in the PNW.
  9. Any fly, any size, as long as pheasant is a major part of the recipe. Any feather of any type pheasant. In the mail by March 15. 1. WWKimba, Chile Pepper. RECEIVED 2. Woodenlegs, TBD. RECEIVED 3. Mikemac1, Carey double red butt. RECEIVED 4. Bryon Anderson, TBD. RECEIVED 5. Noahguide. RECEIVED 6. Troutguy. RECEIVED 7. Johnw1986. TBD. RECEIVED 8. Stabginid TBD RECEIVED 9. Flytire Jason Spratley RECEIVED 10. 11. FishingBobNelson-RECEIVED 12. CPHubert RECEIVED my address is Dr. Darrell Phillips 7890 NW Westside Rd Carlton, OR 97111
  10. i hadn't noticed that. I guess the 0 got mashed, but I am no coin collector. Mike, you will be here. Only the good die young.
  11. Upstate, nice job on the Clouser.
  12. On the way. I think Wooly Buggers and Clousers are more in my "Wheel House". I did learn a few things. I tied them similar to an RS2
  13. Basic Buggers. The bottom one uses Peacock Herl. The rest use Chenille.
  14. Rickard's stillwater nymph. Size 12 scud hook Tail and shellback: light olive marabou Body light olive scud dubbing Hackle: burnt orange grizzly Thread 10/0 vevus. I think the hackle is a bit long. May trim it
  15. I would like to buy one. Please pm or post how to go about that.
  16. Now we know why he cleaned his room!
  17. Some of you guys are funny. I lays took buggy to mean bug like or realistic. But realistic looking hard or stiff flies don't catch as many fish, or so I have read. I seem to do better with scruffy, generally disreputable flies.
  18. . We see this term applied to shaggy flies. Yet real bugs are often smooth on their surface. Granted, some have gills and fringes. But "buggy" flies don't have the same surface smoothness as an actual nymph. It seems that flies are called buggy if they trap air or have more movement? What do we mean when we say buggy? I guess this is a philosophical question. I know fuzzy flies work
  19. You know, we complain, but life is good. I enjoy my job, my kids are doing well, I have a good wife, and I only hurt when I move.
  20. Check the Flymph forum. I know they use woodcock for hackles. They also have a "winged wets" section. Good luck.
  21. Carpal Tunnel, rotator cuff, sciatica, TMJ, sleep apnea, triple bypass. As a friend says, "if I wake up and something doesn't hurt, I think I've had a stroke. It takes a lot more getting ready to do something.
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