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  1. take a class. it will save you a lot of time. However, focus on the pinch wrap, even spacing, with wraps of feathers or wire. the finish knot or whip finish. Learn to use the hook as a ruler for proportions. Hang in there. It is a lot of fun. You tube is great, most of the time. Look at thr limp cobra website, too, as well as Flytier's site. Wooly worm, Stillwater nymph, Clouser minnow, bucktail streamers.
  2. I think a light on each side of the fly is well worth it.
  3. Hey Mike. You don't do Christmas because Santa has barred you from the 'nice' list for life.
  4. Get "Fusion fly Tying" by Greg Senyoif you don't already have it. The author is from up in our neck of the woods. Man, I hope you feel better.
  5. It could be from FTD. They make some stuff that looks like that and I have used it on Intruders. I took it off of a wire dubbing brush and shortened it. Hope that helps.
  6. I thought it would be fun to list any fly tying Christmas gifts you received. I received a new float tube and accessories from my wonderful wife. I have heard a rumor that my kids went together on a Wheatley fly box with clips for my Steelhead/Salmon flies. Half of our presents are still on an Amazon or UPS truck, since we followed the advice not to travel or get together, this year. The only kid we celebrated with is one who we are pretty much together with all of the time.
  7. Alpaca, now that is new I wonder if there has been a mammal or bird that has not been included in a fly? Maybe a Buzzard? I guess Elephants, Hippos, and Rhino's don't have enough hair.
  8. and a Happy and Better New Year!
  9. I received my flies last night. Great job everyone! I appreciate the little extra you included, Bob. My daughter is a food writer and she will help me put it to good use. Thanks again for hosting.
  10. I received my package yesterday evening in the mail. Thanks to those who participated, and thanks to Nick Szabo for hosting this wonderful event. It is a highlight of my Christmas season. I don't have to remind anyone of how weird this season has been. Especially for those of us in the PNW. Riots, Fires, Pandemics, Bizarre Politics and for me, moving into a house with lots of surprises. So thanks again for adding some normalcy to my holiday season.
  11. I fish a lot of hopper dropper combos. Just asking. I like your whip finish trick.
  12. Question: why use a nymph hook? Is it not heavier than a dry fly hook? I would have thought a light wire hook would float better. Maybe I am splitting hairs, pardon the pun. Your videos are always very well done and professional. I will add some of these to my box.
  13. Thanks for bringing these! This fly has all of the right stuff.
  14. Yes, I certainly appreciate all your hard work.
  15. I saw Gunner's video, too. Have only used it to glue Rabbit.
  16. I went to a postal Annex type of place and had them mail my flies. They came back to me last night for insufficient postage. I am very frustrated. Will mail them overnight from the post office tomorrow.
  17. Rocco summed it up well.
  18. I think the term "Spey" has been bastardized to mean any fly with long, flowing hackles.
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