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  1. I mentioned on your list of suggested new flies for new tiers post about some Adirondack Streamers.  I have plenty of wool and would be most happy to share with you.  If you'd like some just PM me your address.

    You see I've been tying for ~50 years now and well, lets just say that I live by the credo - "He who dies with the most toys wins!".  Plus I've enjoyed working with young and new tiers for many of those years.  Happy to share.

    I'm the big old guy with the beard!  And THIS is an old picture!


    1. haziz


      Thanks for the generous offer. I will probably buy the supplies when I decide to pursue them. I am currently tying mostly soft hackles and some Catskill style dry flies, mostly Adams variants and Light Cahills. Once I finish at least a dozen of each pattern, mostly for practice, the Swift river where I mostly fish requires much smaller flies than what I am currently tying, at least at this time of year, I will likely move on to X-Caddis or Sparkle Duns, after my order for deer hair arrives. The soft hackles may actually work in the size I am tying, I have used them, with mixed results in the past. At least they are a very simple pattern and I am fairly happy with my tied flies, though i probably should "shorten" the head on some of them. On to another dozen or so Partridge and Orange.

      I am hardly a spring chicken myself, but beginning on the "wrong" end of middle age. I just started fly fishing 3 years ago, and tying 2 years ago, but only in fits and bursts. A newbie when it comes to experience but not years.

      Thanks again for your generosity.

    2. WWKimba


      No problem and have fun.  FYI - I plan on running some swaps for beginner/intermediate tiers over the late fall/winter months now that I have participated in the three required by this site.  I came over from FAOL (Fly Anglers On-Line) site where I participated in and hosted multiple swaps as well as contributing on a couple articles.   In it's heyday it was an EXCELENT SITE with Fly of the Week articles as well as monthly articles on a multitude of fishing/tying topics.  The owner then his wife died and now it's forum is the only thing that is current but it still has access to all the past articles.  I highly recommend it as a very nice reference site.

      Take care and tight lines my friend.


    3. haziz


      Thanks for pointing out Fly Anglers On-Line (FAOL). I was not aware of the site. An attempt to archive it should probably be made, before the server goes offline or the site disappears. It looks to be quite interesting and informative.

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