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  1. A whole bunch, I gather. However, lately I've been tying a lot of flies out of yarn, so maybe I'm not the gear example of a "fly tyer"...
  2. Package arrived this afternoon. Looks great! Thanks!
  3. Hook: #12 Thread: 6/0 UNI Tan Body: Coyote Hair (the fuzzy stuff under the longer hairs) Tail: Moose Mane tips Hackle: Rooster Please Comment...
  4. Barge, Barge, Barge Cement. The stuff in the yellow tube.
  5. No worries here, Mark. Your generosity is much appreciated!
  6. I know this is from the "Huck Finn" school of fly fishing, but I thought the video was interesting, and germane to the Thread...
  7. That poor cast iron skillet, relegated from making bacon & eggs to being a dead weight... That's LOW.
  8. Nice haul! Do they taste good? Do you smoke 'em up, or jar them for later? Hope you were able to have one just pan fried with a little S & P and lemon... scrumptious! Alan
  9. How about tying with a hemostat & clippers? https://www.tenkarabum.com/fly-tying-with-clamps-and-nippers.html
  10. Snowpack level 156% of normal way up high. That'll make lots of water for the downstreamers, but be high & dirty in the mountains for a month or so once the melt starts, especially on the Upper Colorado.
  11. Mine came this afternoon. They look wonderful! Many flies worth of herl. ¡Muchas Gracías!
  12. Didn't notice the Date... Sorry! Thanks for the recipe, Norm! Looks pretty straightforward.
  13. Thinly sliced, char siu is also used in (real) Japanese ramen noodle dishes.
  14. Wow! That looks awesome! I'm just working on consolidating an assortment of different flies into one small box to keep things simple, & minimal, in preparation for the upcoming Season. Some of them look pretty haggard, so it might be time to recycle them into something different.It's warming up a bit in town, but there's tons of snow still in the mountains. Spring run off could be nasty this time!
  15. OP, Your Link goes to the Forum Index, not the Fly Database. Would like to see a Recipe...
  16. Trout- $35.8M Arenado - $32.5M Machado - $30M Harper - $25.3M The question is... will they all put out, or will they all play prima donna? Manny & Bryce, hard to say. Mike & Nolan... they'll give it all they've got.
  17. Give a shout if something happens...
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