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  1. Many thanks, Mark! This should be a nice weekend challenge!
  2. I will do one if you like. I found lots of snails on the internet but none of them seemed right for me. Most were made with foam. It seemed silly to me to make it out of foam and then try to sink it. Some were made with hot glue. I wanted a traditional fly. I tried about 20 different recipes of my own, starting about two years ago, before I settled on this one. I'll try to do an SBS tonight. Wow, that's awesome... thanks! Yours look very simple to tie (I hope). Quite looking forward to your SBS!
  3. Mark, Is there a Recipe/SBS available for your Snails? Looks like you slayed them out there... Bravo!
  4. The local yarn stores here are bereft of both Berroco or Jamieson's, so I opted with Patons Classic Wool Worsted, #00229 "Natural Mix". According to this 411 I found on the Web, it's somewhat close to everything else, but... www.classicflyrodforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=85951 it's more towards Tan than Pink, but it was cheap (especially with the 40% off Michael's coupon) and readily available. I also use a Prismacolor 'Sand' colored marker & dab it lightly around the finished fly. The finished product looks close enough to me...
  5. How about the Killer Bug? https://tenkaratalk.com/2012/04/confessions-of-a-killer-bug-addict/
  6. Looks ain't everything. If she can angle as good as she looks, then she's a keeper.
  7. That's a great set up, Charlie! Just the basics...
  8. "Louka's Lunker Lure". "Drumpf Dun". "Pink Pleuriticus". Something with "flymph" in it; that's the most unique 'type' I've ever heard of!
  9. Other than using an old block of wood for a tool caddy and a bit of my cat's hair for dubbing, not too much.
  10. Over the Holidays, I picked up an original Model A with an extra "midge" jaw, a Sunrise Master with 3 extra jaws, two clamp on "streamside" style vises, & an original Thompson bobbin on Craigslist for a $20 spot. Bought a pedestal for the Model A @ Sportsmen's Warehouse, & it now sits on my desk nicely and works very well.
  11. Nope. Gotta have a full quiver of 14 for Tournament play. (NOT like Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy) The Dvinick is good for Par 3's or for knocking BirdieBalls around. They feel very stiff in the hands. BITD we had an 18 hole Par 3 course in Denver that was lighted for night play, and we regularly looped it with a 7 iron, wedge & putter. Longest hole was around 210 yds. Cheap entertainment on a Friday night. Unfortunately it succumbed to urban sprawl.
  12. Happens all the time, usually @ the most inopportune moment. I'm not the best fly angler around, whether it's 'western' or the other type that I'll not mention in this venue. I'm sure it'll occur again...
  13. "...and the Meek shall Inherit the Earth." The "meek" ain't us.
  14. A block of wood + drill & bits + a little labor = cheap, DIY Tool caddy.
  15. I needed a tool caddy to keep my Tools organized. After trying various cups, jars & small cardboard boxes to hold them, it just wasn't the right thing. So, I dug around the scrap wood pile, found a small wood block,and grabbed the drill & a couple bits. This is what I knocked out...
  16. The Pattern Database is very handy, but the SBS Forum is so-so only because my Tablet doesn't like to play the embedded videos smoothly. They're all on YouTube, though. All that I learned about fly tying I got from YT, this Site & the Links that various Members have posted. E-books are convenient, but there's something to be said for a hardcover that was given to you as a gift by someone special, or having a set of related books that aren't available in e-book form. The same can apply to reading a print newspaper while having a cup of coffee at the local diner. Just my .02
  17. Anybody get Coupons in the snail mail (Valpak, Money Mailer)? There are usually coupons from Harbor Freight that offer that same 4" Magnetic parts tray for free.
  18. The words in question have been corrected. Sorry for any offense.
  19. Feed the thread through the bottom of the tube, & keep feeding until it comes out the other side.
  20. A couple of hard [sandwich] keepers cures that. However, slightly smushed [sandwiches] harken back to the good ol' days of childhood fishing excursions. [edited, so as not to offend.]
  21. I've had one of these for ages, & it suits me very well along with my 30 year old Pflueger vest and a CamelBak. I don't keep fish in it anymore; now it holds my lunch. A [sandwich] or two, fruit & drink. If it gets wet, OK. [edited.]
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