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  1. Great video! Nice selection of parr marked beauties, for sure! See any other cutties? Maybe you might come across one of these in your journeys... https://coloradotu.org/blog/2018/9/extinct-no-more-cpw-discovers-remnant-san-juan-trout
  2. There's nothing wrong with giving the Scott a try, right? At least it will give you a good idea if it will work. If not, then you'll be ready to get the Redington.
  3. I'll probably just tie another Kebari for practice, then drop it in the box. My tying is still a work in progress.
  4. Stripped down to the quick. Bare hook laying in the hook cup until I decide what to tie.
  5. A padded, folding, metal Samsonite chair.
  6. Gorgeous looking rods! I have always used solid Grip Spinning rods; what is the advantage of the split Grip? Alan
  7. Yep, have had lots of practice cutting thread off of hooks this Week! There was no way to rejuvenate the fly; much of it was mangled & missing. I thought there might be some kind of solemn ritual to retire such a fly. Guess it will be like a Borg drone, the Nomad probe, or a Cylon... re-integrated & reborn into something new. Alan
  8. I figured as much. Being frugal, I just couldn't toss the poor thing away! Better to resurrect it. Thanks!
  9. Came across a damaged fly in the box today. Don't know how he got so beat up; neighbors in the row, late night with those unruly Jerkbaits, whatever. Body wrap undone & garbled, threads everywhere. Question is, does one just prepare a Burial detail, or does the fly go through Metamorphosis & become something new? (toss it, or strip the Hook & tie a new fly?) Just curious... Alan
  10. Welcome, Tanner! Lots of folks here willing to help. How's things in the ATL? Alan
  11. Welcome! Someday, you'll fish your own flies. Just a matter of time... Alan
  12. How about a little Blind Willie Johnson? https://youtu.be/71Ti_TdpJHE
  13. Suggestions? The more the merrier. I must have wrapped four or five bodies last night, watching the thread react, & seeing what happens when it twists. Then, cut it off the hook, & try again. It's only Thread... Alan
  14. A wrap critique, please... TMC 2457 #12 UTC 140 Yellow 4 wraps back & forth. Thanks to all for the suggestions!
  15. My cousins in Oregon had them in their cars BITD, when they were all the rage. I didn't see a use for them; once the Radar gun triggered the fuzzbuster, the po-po's had you pegged anyway, so abruptly slowing down was just further proof you got busted!
  16. I've ridden in a couple of GA airplanes; a J-3 Piper Cub (handled the controls), the Cessna 172, and an Aviat A-1B Husky (similar to the Cub, but with WAY more Power). My Bucket list ride would still be the DHC-2 Beaver, the Dean of the Bushplanes. Can I handle the Controls? Yes. Can I land? NO. Would I go through the motions & get a Ticket? Probably not. Too high strung!
  17. Not without sufficient Training, adequate Ground Support, & the promise that nothing of mine will die & fall off as a result of GCR exposure during the trip. If those conditions are met, & there's an adequate supply of JAXA Space Ramen, then sign me up.
  18. Thanks for the replies! I tied # 3 and two others last night while listening to the Baseball game. Perhaps my enthusiasm got the better of me, and I rushed through this batch. It would behoove me to follow Mike's advice, & practice wrapping for a bit, to become more consistent. I wish I could say my hackle skills are getting better; maybe they're not. Still having issues with choosing the right feather length & type, and wrapping as we'll. More work required... CB-- Yes, I'm trying to replicate the Ishigaki as shown by Jason Klass, & other "basic" styles. Thanks for the Links, too! Like I said before, I need to practice more. Hen pheasant feathers go on the List. Your responses are most appreciated. Sorry if I seem to be rushing things. Alan
  19. What did you like about it? Be specific; it'll help immensely! Alan
  20. Here's my 3rd try. The hackle looks better, even if it looks a little long. Hook: TMC 3761 #12 Body: UTC 70 denier Black Hackle: Red Grizzly (long feather from the center of the patch) Getting the UTC thread issue under control, and have learnt the differences in denier, thanks to Tom. I did buy some UNI 6/0 in Black, just to have on hand. Please offer any Comments; they're welcome, & appreciated! Alan
  21. It hit me this morning @ 0300. Woke me up, actually. UTC is Floss, isn't it? Oh, I don't know... LOL
  22. Thanks for the replies! It was definitely easier than I had assumed, but winding the Hackle & the Whip finish is definitely a challenge. If you haven't noticed, I set the vise & wind from the left. Most of the videos on whip finishing show using the tool from the right side. I'll get it... I definitely notice a difference in the Thread. The 1st fly was tied with UNI, the 2nd with UTC Ultra. I kept breaking the UTC with the Ceramic bobbin until I honed the inside edge of the Ceramic tube, then the UTC stopped breaking. I think UNI is the better choice for me, although I like the translucent look of the UTC. Probably due to the nature of the thread, I bet. Not waxing might have played a part, too. Thanks for the 411 about the hackle, CB. I have to figure out what's usable re: the Partridge feathers. As flytire said, some of them may not be suitable for hackle. Practice, practice, practice. Slow & steady wins the race. If I screw up, that's what the X-acto knife is for! Alan
  23. My second fly... Hook: TMC 2457 Body: 7/0 Cream Hackle: Red Grizzly (from the side of the patch) When finished, the Hackle looks a little sparse. What shape feather should I be looking for, or choosing, from the neck or saddle? Alan
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